2 thoughts on “Attorney General Barr: President Trump’s Twitter Makes Job ‘Impossible’

  1. Barr’s: “tRUMP’s tweets are keeping me from doing my job” is in clear desperation to position himself to save himself. That, Barr’s abuse of power is not his own, is laughable. As if we’re un-aware it’s not for the audience of one. Albeit, in complicity.

    AND, as if America will not be expecting his resignation for reducing Stones sentencing from federal guidelines. Specifically, when admits “it’s impossible to carry out the duty’s of my position”. The AG job is not to work directly for the President. He/she works for the American people.

    As for tRUMP; his acquittal has swollen Sudafed head to the point of no return soon to implode of self-involved hot air. A room with no view awaits..

  2. Seriously Trump administration is beginning to become too much of a pain in the ass, can we please vote that dickhead out in November. Send him back to Queens; he can continue his old cons there

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