23 thoughts on “Attempt To Blow Up Gas Station ATM In South Philadelphia Fails

  1. It's called natural selection folks, wishing it had blown up and taken the antifa idiots with it. Hoping for calm soon amongst the peaceful protesters and extinction for violent looters.

  2. Looks like the losers are losing their touch they’re having troubles destroying things now maybe you should trade your bombs in for some work boots And try being a productive human to society.

  3. If the cowardly mayor, police commissioner and district attorney fail to protect the tax paying citizens of our city. Then we must protect ourselves and take our city back from these terrorists who are holding us hostage!!

  4. Just imagine if that goes off and ignites the gas station. I think that would be highest death toll in Philly, and yet Mayor of Philly isn't pressing more issues of this as sting operations to stop this nonsense???? Wtf is the Mayor doing? hiding in bunker at the moment he is

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