46 thoughts on “Assistant police chief tyrant first amendment violation – can’t record near fence 🙄

  1. You auditors need be one up on these guys do your homework all the time dont give them an inch. It's no good playing tit 4 tat they get back to their office and brag about how they told an auditor what to do and how he took off running making it sound like you were shitting yourself this gives young rookies and other officers the hope they can do the same thing after hearing these stories. It's like some guy bragging about his car being faster than yours and wants to prove it you dont take on the challenge until you done all your homework and research everything about his car and know you can beat him and when you dot you dont want to win buy a bumper you need to demoralise them by winning by half a track this deters the other guys from wanting to open their mouths this is no different than cops trying to give you false info and directives when you know your rights and crush them with the laws no other officer wants to go up against you once they hear about that

  2. That 🐷 who got out of his car so aggressively I want to see how hard he is in the cage with me in a sparring match. I'll bet my life on it that when he's off duty and he doesn't have his badge and the gun on him, he's acting all scared. I met people like him almost every week and I soon as they realise that from talking to walking it's a HUGE difference, that's when they get humble. It's always very important to stay humbled and respectful to others and you'll be fine. I hate bullies and punks like this 🐷 in the video who thinks that he can talk and treat others the way he wants to just because he's got that badge and the gun. Off duty he's a scared little b!tch, belive that.

  3. i work in high springs fl just off I-75 near Gainesville. had a group of kids show up for a field trip and the chief shows up and parks out front on our grass right in front of our no parking signs. ask him how long he is going to be there since it was clear it was not work related and he goes off about how he is the police and he needs to park there in case of an emergency. I said that that is why we do not want people there so if there is an emergency responding units can get close. All I was going to do was ask him to pull a cross the street were all the other officers park. So after he goes on about how he is privileged to park there i say that it sounds like he is abusing his powers and he was pissed. Sad to see things like this and that because I have never had a bad interaction with any of the officers just him. he lost my and my friends vote. In the end I did not want to make a stink about it so I let him kill our grass. but to think you can park in someones front yard on private property because you a are police officer.

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