Alton Sterling shooting breakdown


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Here is a breakdown to the Alton Sterling shooting for you guys.
*at 4:56 I accidentally say micah johnson, I meant micah xavier

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35 thoughts on “Alton Sterling shooting breakdown

  1. GAVIN LONG was a Young Turks fan who mirrored their anti-cop hatred on his own channel and would do response videos screaming anti-cop rhetoric.

  2. The body cam footage of the cops shows they escalated the situation as soon as they got there, and Sterling wasn’t even why the police were called. The cops were shitty

  3. Funny how Donut doesn't include the part where one officer THREATENS TO SHOOT Alton in his head, multiple times, before they even knew he had a gun, and taser him without trying to deescalate the situation. The police were using excessive force and Alton was DEFENDING HIMSELF.
    Here is proof:
    Alton may have been a scumbag, but that doesn't justify his murder.

  4. All ya'll defending the actions of the officers in this encounter (including Donut) are ridiculous. Watch the bodycam video and the video caught on the surveillance camera and tell me these officers acted properly and within the boundaries of the law. Bodycam footage can be found here, you can see cops were completely out of line from the outset:

  5. I live in Texas, I remember that Dallas shooting. The protesters were dancing with cops having a good time, an actual peaceful protest. This dude shows up and starts gunning everyone down trying to shoot cops. The one thing that really stood out to me is the story about a woman and her son, the woman was shot in the leg trying to get away so she pulled her kid down under her to protect him. She said almost as soon as she got him under her she felt someone fall on her. She thought it was a dead body. She looked over her sholder and it was a white police officer, using himself to keep her safe. Police officers aren't racist, at the end of the day they just want to safely get home to there families. People instigating killing police put EVERYONE in danger, the police, the shooters, and everyone in between. The cops are going to try there best to protect, even if you protest them.

  6. Theres a joke by bill burr that states blacks and whites can learn alot from each other if they collaborate.whites could learn about lotion and blacks could learn about licensing firearms and not resisting police.gangsta is just another word for dead..catch a bus to new city if shit is that bad….

  7. Please look into Nicholas Tullier, a EBRSO deputy injured in the attack against BR officers. He will forever be recovering from the injuries from the ambush.

  8. I wanna see all these snowflakes on Facebook replace police officers since they honestly believe they can do better lol, I bet police shootings would damn near triple if that were the case!

  9. I don't know what's so hard to understand. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. It's legal to open carry and also conceal carry with a permit. However, convicted felons CAN NOT carry anymore. Also, you MUST tell an officer that you have a concealed weapon. They will disarm you for their safety, and if everything checks out, they will return it with a clear chamber. You DO NOT under any circumstance, reach for it yourself. It's really not rocket science people!

  10. There is another video of this with very clear audio. As it escalates, it is chilling to watch as Sterling continues to try to get his gun out.

  11. Brown likely pulled a gun on someone in self defense who called police in retaliation against Brown Brown for his part was screwed when the police showed up and resisted unwisely the police for thier part grappled with a 300 pound man that they were called about having a gun this was unwise of them they could see his hands were empty better to put him at gunpoint from beyond grappling range and call for backup Brown was going to prison and he knew it whatever happened next was his call

  12. It is clear that Alton was no longer a threat to either officer. Speaking as a Combat Veteran with a great deal of close quarters and hand to hand experience, it is clear to me that those two fat pigs only responded with gun fire simply because they were cowardly and acting out of fear. Remember a coward with a gun is the most dangerous person you will ever encounter….

    Mr. Meyer…..

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