Air Force Police in El Segundo Get Owned by Drone Operator

Air Force Police in El Segundo Get Punked

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34 thoughts on “Air Force Police in El Segundo Get Owned by Drone Operator

  1. I’m very appreciative of the negative responses here. It would have been better if the operator just pull up a map, show what airspace he is in and that he had approval to fly in that airspace. BTW, was that Class G? Oh wait, did that pilot have a license? Or was he a hobbyist? What’s the regulation for a hobbyist? Owned? If he could have shown that, then yes. There’s an app for that. Don’t make it hard for the rest of us. No wonder FAA is having to regulate more. It’s to ban people that aren’t smart enough to know the regulations and to protect those that do,.

  2. Who in their right mind would think it's ok to fly over a military base anyways? It doesn't matter about the airspace, you just don't do it.
    Idiotic behaviour like that ruins the hobby for everyone who has common sense..

  3. If there is an active runway (military or civilian runway) then drone operators cannot fly within a certain radius of the airfield… And that restricted airspace pretty much extends MILES out past the boundary of the airport property. The news agencies helicopters would have arranged ahead of time with the FAA and the airfield for them to, fly in the airspace.
    The fact is Federal rules forbid operating a drone within 5 miles of most airports or above 400 feet without a waiver from the FAA. Considering you were right outside an Air Force base, which will have some sort of runway, and there was air traffic overhead… You were in the wrong.

  4. Such a large country sooo many places to fly a drone… obviously wants confrontation to make himself feel like a man but just made himself look like a bitch 😆 don’t get people like this it’s petty just get on with your life and fly your drone somewhere else, you only get one life to live… call me a puppet or a slave but I would rather fly my drone we’re I know people aren’t going to bother me

  5. we have been pretty lucky so far, maybe because of all this crazy security has actually helped save some of our worthiness lives . do something different with your time. just give them alittle space….try going on that to catch a predator show..its always looking for new contestants

  6. Thanks Idiot now we're going to have more laws about drones !!!! Just keep your mouth shut and do what you do!!!! YouTube views isn't worth the laws that will be passed as a result of this kind of behavior!!!!! If I'm wrong next time post a better video of your points!!!!!

  7. It's very simple, people…as long as the drone does not LAND inside the fence, then there is no law that prevents his drone from flying over the fence and staying in the air, and there are 2 things that the police can do about it…NOTHING and LIKE IT.

  8. I used to work with those tools. They have absolutely no jurisdiction outside that gate, I've been told to go outside the gate to enforce law and I refused the unlawful order. But look, OSI are joke detectives that really don't have shit to do 95% of the time… not alot if organized crime in small airforce instalations. I'm sure they jumped at the opportunity to do SOMETHING. Also, intelligence levels required to be an MP or SF are lowest required next to cooks.

  9. Hey, buddy, you need to really research more what you are doing.  If your drone penetrates the airspace over the Air Force Base, you have "entered onto", and you will have violated FAA's punitive regulations, which prohibit unauthorized civilian drone flights over military installations.  Should you continue to do so, they would be authorized to arrest you, confiscate your drone, and I am 100% certain you would be subject to serious sanctions. The Air Force cop gave you fair warning, and made it very clear your drone could not fly over the installation.  You were being a prick.  I generally support your efforts, but your attitude here is counter-productive.  Any time you look bad, you make your message less credible.  Seriously, I know it seems to be against your nature, but a more silent approach, and one that shows you have done your research, would be far more productive.  You have had bad experiences with cops, it's obvious, but when you have a new encounter, start new.  I served 20+ years in the military, and I am all for exercising Constitutional rights, but if you flew that drone over the airspace (at ANY altitude) of the military installation, they would be justified in destroying it, no questions asked, as a legitimate force protection measure.  I seriously recommend you do more research before you start messing with the airspace over a military installation.

  10. re-play, but still good. trouble is, as I discussed with Dan, what, a year? ago? the laws were destined to change, an now you see the consequences. Dan was the forerunner of what's being incremented today. I refuse to call them "drones", as that is the sticking point in todays continuing legislation. so, that being said, right now, @ 1459, e.s.t. ,Thursday, 5-28-15, I implore  Daniel Saulmen  to go before congress and stop illegal acts to ban such devices. I feel he is best suited to represent the people concerning this important damage to our constitution.

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