21 thoughts on “Mountainair’s Bad Cop Supporters Take Things WAY To Far

  1. Is it just a coincidence that these seem to white women threatening violence, everyone else seems to be Hispanic?

  2. 🤦‍What in the Age of Video Meetings they pick the phone 🤷‍WTF .
    If they Are "Worried" About "Safety" Call the real police the state police and DOJ on the chief that is encouraging it🤷‍by not stopping it and not charging Citizens that made threats in front of him!

  3. hey FBI these are the police that break the law and violate their oath and we the people have the LEGAL AND JUSTIFIABLE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to use the 2A AGAINST these criminals the EXACT SAME FUCKING WAY THEY DO AGAINST US… 100% disabled vet MOLON LABE come fuckin takem traitors …. #MyOathStillStands

  4. That town is in trouble as long as they have garbage as a mayor and chief of pigs and not to mention the two so called women highlighted in the video omg they are truly uglier than anything I’ve ever seen they would be the perfect poster women for birth control just look at them

  5. What does the Credentials "WWE Universe Member" Get You? Nieto put that on Facebook Resume. Is it Really Something to be Proud of? WWE is a Soap Opera!

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