Lawyer Arrested for Attempted Murder: The Interrogation of Beatrice Bijoux

STUART, FLORIDA — On February 22, 2022, at approximately 12:52 p.m., the Stuart Police Department received a 911 call from a witness stating that she just saw a vehicle hit a bunch of people in the parking lot of Fresh Market at 2300 SE Ocean Blvd, and flee the scene westbound on SE Monterey Rd.

The witness followed the suspect vehicle as it traveled at a high rate of speed westbound on SE Monterey Rd, and provided Stuart Police dispatch with a description of the vehicle. When the vehicle, a black Kia Forte, made a right turn onto SE Palm Beach Rd from SE Monterey Rd, it was intercepted by Stuart Sergeant John Reddick.

Sgt. Reddick activated his emergency lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle as it approached the intersection of SE 10th St and SE Palm Beach Rd. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop in the middle of SE 10th St. As Sgt. Reddick exited his vehicle, the suspect vehicle continued northbound on SE Palm Beach Rd, then made a left turn onto westbound SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd before making a left into the parking lot of the Stuart Police Department.

The suspect vehicle pulled into a parking space and the driver exited the vehicle. Sgt. Reddick pulled in behind the suspect vehicle and took the driver into custody. The driver was later identified as a Beatrice Bijoux.

As soon as Bijoux was taken into custody, she made a spontaneous statement: “The voices in my head told me to kill someone.” Bijoux was temporarily secured inside of Sgt. Reddick’s patrol vehicle before being transported to a Stuart Police Department interview room.

Four victims were hit by the vehicle being driven by Bijoux. One, a 69 year old female was transported with life threatening injuries to Lawnwood Trauma Center by Martin County Air Rescue. Two others left on their own and refused further treatment, while the last was transported to Cleveland Clinic North by family members with a possible leg injury.

During her subsequent custodial interview, Bijoux was adamant that she intentionally wanted to kill other people, that she intentionally wanted to kill the people she struck with the car, and that she wanted to kill herself.

Bijoux went onto state that she was prescribed medication for bipolar disorder and for schizophrenia, and that she was under a doctor’s care. She stated she had not talked to her doctor since December 2021, and that she had been diagnosed with her mental health disorders in 2019.

Bijoux asked for her phone to delete all her social media. (That request was denied.)

Bijoux insisted on being charged with attempted murder in lieu of aggravated battery because her act was intentional.


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42 thoughts on “Lawyer Arrested for Attempted Murder: The Interrogation of Beatrice Bijoux

  1. 3rd comment here but I have to give this detective props. He broke down some walls and got info out of her I’m not sure anyone else would have.

  2. She maybe a lawyer but Shia is not a very smart one. She should of done more research before picking a mental illness. For someone that has been dealing with schizophrenia and bipolar for 20 years know that if something like this

  3. I agree she has psychiatric diagnoses and no one asks to be schizophrenic or bipolar. I don't know that there is one single cause for them. I do know that no matter how many treatment centers there are or facilities, free or expensive, if a person isn't willing to be treated the facilities are useless. You can drag them in there and hold them the 30 days but if there is no cooperation or willingness from the individual it is useless. I also feel this poor girl is manipulative.The cops handled her well and with respect.

  4. I normally watch police interviews to make me feel better about myself, i won't lie. but 8 minutes in to this one and I'm just sad for Ms. Bijoux.

  5. Modern psychiatry & pHARMaceuticals are the problem. New medications for new mental diseases they created… the cycle of madness can never end.

  6. It’s weird she’s making me sad and mad at same time. I’m mad she chose to hurt random people but sad her mind is obviously the issue. It’s so scary. Usually you can be so angry or indignant. But I’m not sure how I feel here. Not quite sympathy for her but something. It’s a small mercy she didn’t actually end anyones life. Especially with no motive, although I’m not sure there’s any motive that would justify that anyway. It’s such an extremely sad confusing situations. I hope one day mental health issues will be like some other diseases ( like certain types of cancer) and be curable 🤞

  7. My god, officer. Turn your damn ringer off while you're trying to interrogate someone—especially with such a bad ringtone.

  8. Prayers to the victims.
    Police department did a good job I'm only halfway through.
    If she is really bipolar hope she gets the mental help.
    If not mental probably be 20 or 25 to life possible parole.
    Sad, crazy all around.

  9. Severe childhood trauma never properly dealt with, and these poor souls get band aid pills that only creates more problems. Hello educators, teach how to deal with these disorders, by retraining their brain.

  10. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder several years ago and I take medication daily for it. Watching this video, I am very grateful that my illness is not as severe as this young ladies. I hope all the people she injured are ok. I hope that Beatrice gets the help that she needs and can live a life free from her voices by taking her medication daily.

  11. It's obvious that she is very mentally unwell. Just get her a lawyer and stop questioning her. Can't believe they continue to question her when she is clearly in no condition to be interviewed.

  12. My younger sister has bipolar manic depression schizophrenia and she has had three major blows to the right side of her head due to vehicle accidents. The first time she was 8 the 2nd time she was 17 the 3rd she was 25. I knew she was different when she was younger before the age of 8 because I shared a room with her. The major blows to her head definitely has increased her paranoia episodes. She has tried to kill herself at least three times that I know of. She is also a veteran that never saw combat however the last accident happened while she was in the military. Because she is a veteran she is under their care my parents nor myself could have any input as to what her treatment would be. The VA put her on lithium for 25 years. It finally took the sheriff in the town that we live in to approach the VA and the courts to have her taken off of lithium because she was hallucinating more than she ever did prior to being put on lithium. She ended up having an episode where she was put in a VA home for a year and a half after our parents had passed 9 days of each other in 2010. I didn't know it but the sheriff in my town had her committed with the VA because they were afraid that she would take her life after our parents passed. I can see a lot of my sister and Beatrice and a lot of Beatrice in my sister. I've always tried to be mindful of her mental health. We would go through a year to years not talking to each other and she did the same with our parents. She never talked to them for four years right up to their deaths. I knew when I had to go to her house both times to tell her about their passing that she would definitely need help. Thank God for our Sheriff because he knew she would have taken her life and he intervened. I haven't talked to her in at least 4 years now and we live not even 2 miles from each other. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with personality disorder (then age 14 now 27) and I have seen a lot of similar traits in her that I see in my sister. The sad part is my daughter and I haven't talked in 3 years and she lives 3 miles from me. My son who is 24 moved back home 2 years ago and he literally didn't work for a year I gave him that time because I knew something wasn't quite right. 5 months ago he admitted to me that he wanted to kill himself that's why I took a year off. And just today I went upstairs to close his bedroom window and I noticed on his stand that he has a bottle of cymbalta. He's a private type of person that doesn't like talking about what's going on with himself but I'm very glad that he went and got help. He is starting to change his life around he's going to school to get his CDL and he works. The hard part is their father suffers from the same thing it was hard being married to him for 10 years. He literally tried to take my life by choking me till I passed out and left me outside in the snow and took our infant son in the house and when I came to I went in the house and it was completely dark and my then husband came out with a shotgun he said he wanted to kill himself. The neighbors up on the hill had heard me screaming when we were outside and they called the police and they took him and he was put in a psych ward and he is ex-military who never saw battle. Mental illness is an extremely serious issue that really needs to be brought to the forefront. I have never had suicidal thoughts I've never thought about hurting others but it definitely rips me apart to see my children suffering with mental illness. I've lived with it almost my entire life with my sister and now my children and it's devastating to a family. The sad part is my daughter hasn't talked to my son in almost 2 years. I wish there was no such thing as mental illness but unfortunately there is. I wish peace for everyone suffering. May God's hands be on you.

  13. Joining the YouTube Diagnostic Crew, but they really should make sure she's taking the right medications for her. My brother was on meds for awhile that turned his life, and the lives of all of us around him, into a living nightmare. Once the right medication was found for him he's been much more stable and functional.

  14. Her whole presentation is that of schizoaffective disorder. Which, interestingly enough, is the combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder, such as mania. I’m not sure why doctors/providers are unable to recognize such a disorder that is well explained in the DSM and any psychiatric textbook. If you meet criteria for bipolar d/o AND schizophrenia, it’s schizoaffective d/o. It’s easy to pass her off as malingering, which I’m overly guilty of doing, but I’ve also been a licensed professional working inpatient at a number of facilities for 10 years. Short of specific psychometric testing, malingering is difficult to assess. No one is a lie detector or truly able to vet between bullshit and legit cases 100%. It’s a degree of suspicion, even with testing measures. It’s usually obvious when someone is faking because they just don’t have the exposure or experience with these patients. She is easily derailed, thought blocked and exhibits many factors associated with serious mental illness. Typically, patients with CAH (command auditory hallucinations) will recognize they are wrong, but it becomes difficult to resist the impulses. The brain is too complex for anyone to appreciate, and despite neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience filling books and journals with complexities, it’s not black and white. This is just one more reason I had to leave the field. Everyone is an “expert” because they read a little bit or have some mild exposure to mental illness. Hell, even the doctors and other coworkers I’ve been around are clueless. Everyone is borderline because they have a shitty disposition. Everyone is bipolar because they have horrible anger and impulse control issues. Everyone is a sociopath or psychopath because they commit a crime. It’s truly laughable.

  15. These cats went above and beyond the call. I applaud them all for dealing with her the way they did, while still doing their jobs. She just seems so child like at points in this video, I just want to hold her and protect her, and this makes me want to hurt whoever hurt her.

  16. Blame her psychopathic bible-thumping boyfriend for telling her that she didn't need her medications and Jesus would heal her.

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