37 thoughts on “Going Back To Gastonia! Join Us!

  1. The chief of police Travis Brittain needs to be asked about the shooting he did as a officer of a black man . They have hidden this info as well.

  2. Supreme Court ruled police have no duty to protect us but they take our money anyway. They have taken most rights away second amendment so we can’t protect our selves and punished us when we do. The police have ruined America.

  3. Sounds like a corrupt town. Glad there are people such as yourselves who are willing to put in the effort to hold these tyrants accountable! Get em'

  4. Gastonia pd pulled up 8 officers deep accused of assault with a fire arm while I was on a lunch break at work not realizing I had a receipt for cookout proving I didn't do it they immediately started yelling and trying to shoot me till my boss walked out and set them straight.

  5. A nation in crisis by the people who are sworn to protect and serve us . One nation under Satan , very divisible , with liberty and justice for those who can afford it ! Amen.

  6. A true cop would become a hero in front of, and for every Veteran out there. Instead they humiliate, torture, and murder them. The true heroes end up being the victims. How one instance of this is acceptable, I have no idea- but each time another one actually makes the news, I'd think more people would be up in arms.

  7. Sounds like a "COP HUNT" is way past due in Gastonia, NC.
    Remember, officers, a 165 grain bullet fired from an M24 Sniper Rifle does no recognize "Qualified Immunity."

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