44 thoughts on “Tulsa Oklahoma Police Taunt A Mentally Ill Elderly Woman Before Beating Her Face In

  1. 5 years in general population with cop tattooed on your forehead! They'll be fine… with out the weapons, backup and badge their still tough – right?!

  2. Aren’t they all so professional & cool w/citizens who need help. In there corrupt, mentally unstable minds they think so! It’s bad enough there’s laughter, teasing, mental & physical abuse to an ELDERLY woman by ppl who obviously are worse, then there acting like heroes, as if they got a dangerous criminal…. So far away from heroes, just 3 sick individual!
    The female w/the issued costume… the most mental, playing billy bad a@“ needs to be fired & seek a good therapist

  3. So the lady is locked inside a public restroom by herself, there is no one the lady can hurt in there but herself. I guess the argument would then be that LEOs wanted to get in there because they were afraid the lady might hurt herself?

    I get it. LEOs beat the shit out of the lady, because they feared the lady wanted to hurt herself. That makes total sense now.

  4. That C has no business dealing with the public let alone having a badge and gun so she can take out her brutal fantasies on the public especially those with mental problems. She will just write a report in her favor who will the judge believe.

  5. Say what you want about the blm organization but the movement in general has had a lot of impact in changing policing. Some of that it is re allocating police funds to mental health teams.

  6. I literally feel sick! The female officer in particular should be criminally charged. It’s disgusting. I hope the victim and her family get justice for this horrific crime.

  7. My god these psychos need to have the crap kicked out of them and then sent to jail. They know she's out of her mind and still attack her like that.

  8. There was nothing racist about that it was pure evil and disgusting. That cop needs to pay and every one that let it happen. My heart goes out to that lady. The next time a cop gets killed show this video with it so they will know why.

  9. They all gotta go to jail. She knew exactly what was going to happen once the big guy showed up, so they do this all the time for fun. They're sick.

  10. What's even more disgusting is the amount of people supporting this officer and her actions… Don't believe me? Go check the full body cam footage and scroll through the comment section… I think it's time we bring back natural selection

  11. They are immune from prosecution of this worlds judges, prosecutors and departments. Good luck to all of these wicked reprobates. Their judgement is coming. Amen.

  12. Is there a place to go to demand the removal of this uniformed beast that thinks a person in mental distress is her plaything? I honestly feel like I just saw an officer who has lost all perspective on what her job is, if she ever had any to begin with. Let’s make her go away.

  13. That disgusting sow needs an appointment with a speeding train… make the world a better place. I hate them all but that sow definitely needs a lesson.

  14. These officers need to be fired, arrested, charged, convicted , and imprisoned. Then , this video needs to be played every day at lunch in the prison block that they reside in.

  15. I agree, they were cruel, this woman should not be an officer. They made fun of mental illness and showed such a lack of concerns, and for the response team that should have been there. I am disgusted as a mental health professional. The police cannot handle this apparently, as they think it’s funny to have these issues. Yet they punish them as if they really understand.

  16. I had to fast forward after they kicked the door in, I will watch it eventually but I didn’t want my blood to boil at this time. Thank you for posting and exposing more of these psychopaths James

  17. We have investigated ourselves and found that we have done nothing wrong. The officer reacted within department policy guidelines.

  18. There are no words to describe people to take pleasure in others pain and distress. The closes word is a psychopath. This officer needs mental help. If she has children I fear for them. FIRE these deviant publicly paid idiots. I feel sick.

  19. Oh this is going to be so much fun we get the beta s*** out of an old lady yeah I'm glad I become a cop you people are earning the hate quit it just quit straighten up and just do your job

  20. I get depressed watching these. Just knowing that nothing will be done fucks with my head. Thanks for posting tho. It’s important to get it out.

  21. WTF is wrong with cops? They have no soul. I hate this shit for anyone having a mental health CRISIS this has to STOP. These ppl are not getting the proper care and not only that, they are getting brutally punished for even having a mental breakdown. Just stop…this has got to STOP!

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