24 thoughts on “Glendale Police Love Revenue Generation

  1. Just tell them you are a Freemason 🤣
    The laws do not apply to them. They are not allowed to prosecute Freemasons. That's the law of the lodge these cults obey.

  2. I Obey God's law,I try and obey man's law, however this is ridiculous…I often wonder how America would've been had the Spanish Empire had won. This isn't Freedom, it's Oppression!!!

  3. I remember you covering that story. My junk hurt like I got kicked there just watching what they did to him. No man deserves getting tased in the junk like that.

  4. Everybody should consider carrying some red lip stick with them at all times, this way when you need to lick the boot they will feel like they're loved; unlike the times they've spent with their mother.

  5. Don’t let James Freeman fool you. He Loves the extortion of CITIZENS too. He loves the Acts Codes and Statutes promulgated by a Private Legal Society [BAR] that 99.99999% of you aren’t part of. Legal is the undoing of God’s Law and James wants you to obey it. Legal has ZERO to do with a Man or Woman.

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