Police Use Taser On Armed Man Who Fought With Officers And Climbed On a Neighbor’s Roof

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Tucson, Arizona — The Tucson Police Department released body-camera footage from an incident between Officers and 34-year-old Jaime Herrera, who fought with officers after climbing on a neighbor’s roof. The incident that occurred in the 5700 block of E. Fairmount St. on the morning of April 13, 2022. The Public Safety Communication Department (PSCD), Tucson Police Department (TPD), and Tucson Fire Department (TFD) all participated in the response to the incident. PSCD received multiple 911 calls regarding an erratic male who was on the roof of another person’s home and armed with multiple weapons. One caller advised that the man had consumed a drink that made him “trip out.” Two TPD officers responded to the scene and discovered a man on the roof of the home armed with two knives. The man, later identified as 34-year-old Jaime Herrera, shouted threats and other statements at officers. At one point, Herrera threw a brick at an officer.

The responding officers called for additional officers to assist, including officers with Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Herrera began running on the rooftop with a knife and brick in his hand. Officers attempted to establish a dialogue with Herrera, in both English and Spanish, to de-escalate the situation and offer him water. Herrera made his way to the edge of the roof and onto a tree. He fell from the tree to the ground, still armed with a knife; at which time an officer deployed his taser. A fight ensued as Herrera resisted arrest. One of the officers was able to kick the knife away from Herrera, who then ran toward the officer while yelling. The officer pushed him down. During the struggle that followed, Herrera bit down on the officer’s thumb. As additional officers arrived, they were eventually able to place Herrera in handcuffs and turn him on his side, also known as the “recovery position.” Officers noticed that Herrera appeared to be losing consciousness, and they urged him to stay awake. TFD medics were cleared to enter the scene and began rendering aid and medical care to Herrera.

A “bio guard”, which is designed to protect against the transmission of bodily fluids, was placed on his head and a WRAP device, which is the latest technology in restraint devices, was used to prevent Herrera from kicking or hitting anyone and to create a safe environment for both Herrera and the providers to treat Herrera and transport him to a hospital. Herrera was placed onto a gurney and transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital. During the transport to the hospital, TFD paramedics continued to administer care and completed a rapid patient assessment, all in accordance with established medical protocols. The injured officer was also taken to a nearby hospital. While enroute to the hospital, Herrera had a cardiac event. TFD Medics immediately began performing CPR and advanced life support interventions and continued those measures until they arrived at the hospital. Because of these actions, Herrera did regain a pulse and respirations. Nine days later, Herrera died at the hospital. It’s not clear what caused Herrera’s “cardiac event.”

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “Police Use Taser On Armed Man Who Fought With Officers And Climbed On a Neighbor’s Roof

  1. Wow. It is strange that he was not shot and killed unlike the poor humble boy Sullivan in the last video who tried to run away and was unarmed. Cops in the US are very selective. They keep troublemakers like him alive to create more problems for people and are quick to shoot and kill unarmed civilians

  2. The nuts the ensure that pain of hitting bit on the thumb is tremendous I’ve been in a similar situation with my thumb when I was younger got in a fight and literally had to pry my thumb from their mouth 😭🤣

  3. Pro good law… but i would have been fine with a shot from a gun given bodily harm (loosing a finger, disease, virus) to that officer

  4. For those that didn’t read the description: he had a heart attack en route, was resuscitated, but then died 9 days later in hospital. Don’t do drugs.

  5. 5:25 the taser couldn't stop him. But the titty twister did. Then the cop says over the radio 'titty for 10 18' signifying to the titty twister had subdued the suspect.

  6. Ironically, more force was used on this guy than on George Floyd. Sadly even with EMS on standby the guy eventually died, as would have George Floyd whether officers had been involved or not. Props to these officers for their patience and professionalism.

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