Bodycam Footage Of Leavenworth Police Officer Shooting Antonio Garcia

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Kansas City, Missouri — The Leavenworth Police Department released a clip of body camera footage from 2017 fatal police shooting after the former officer’s trial ended in a hung jury. The 52-second clip, partially shows the encounter where former Leavenworth officer Matthew Harrington fatally shot Antonio Garcia Jr. Harrington was fired in January 2018 for a violation of the department’s use of deadly force policy. Later that year, a grand jury indicted Harrington for involuntary manslaughter. But on Wednesday, the jury was unable to reach a verdict in Harrington’s case, and a mistrial was declared. A judge ruled Friday morning that body camera footage from the fatal shooting could be publicly released.

The video was recorded on July 11th, 2017, the day when Matthew Harrington responded to 1708 Rose Street on the report of a stolen car. Police determined there was an argument over the possession of a family vehicle, which led to a domestic dispute. Garcia was involved in the dispute and had left before Harrington arrived. But shortly after, Garcia returned. In one part of the video, the Officer is seen approaching the home and speaking with a family member. Harrington is told about an argument. Shortly after, Harrington is seen walking up to Garcia, sitting in an SUV. Garcia shuts the door on Harrington several times. Harrington is then captured telling Garcia to put a knife down before the SUV begins to drive forward. Garcia does not comply and at one point during the encounter, Harrington fired his duty weapon. A bullet struck and fatally wounded Garcia.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Of Leavenworth Police Officer Shooting Antonio Garcia

  1. When someone is about to run in a car he should be considered a deadly threat. Tens of innocent people die every year in crashes caused by criminals feeling in a vehicle.

  2. Should've opened the door, put away the knife, talked with the LEO and lived.
    But nope, because hard heads don't think well and end up dead instead.

  3. Don't pull knifes on cops, don't try and flee the scene, don't resist in general, all reasons why the blm was started not because the cops were doing things wrong but because the suspects were being unlawful and disrespectful.

  4. Why doesn't this person follow the policeman's instructions?
    Why take out the knife and start the car?
    It is the duty of the people to follow the instructions of the police.
    If a person does not follow the rules of society, he is not human.
    He is the same as a beast. Beasts should be excluded from human society.

  5. This looks Like a Job for a Primate named Ben Crump

    Quick– Someone please contact the Primate Ben Crump so he may quickly spring into action and begin creating false narratives, Spin a Web of Deceit and tell you that "Their Lives Matter"

  6. I love seeing the good and bad, and that’s why I trust this channel.

    While that man may have done something wrong, he was not a danger at the time and definitely did not need to die.

  7. That escalated quickly. I do feel for the officer. Annually we review legal and uof and they always show us the video of the trooper that had been flagged twice for excessive force and the third time he hesitated and it cost him his life.

  8. I'm not the type of black person who quick to condemn the police for shooting another black person but this 1 right here seems like the officer was "quick on the trigger"……. obviously his colleagues felt the same since he was at least charged……I wish my fellow people would stop escalating these situations to the need for a officer to draw their weapon……you know SOME of them ready to kill us so stop giving them a reason…..comply and survive the encounter 💯

  9. Good shooting, that knife was a real threat to your life behind the locked door of an attempting to flee vehicle! Oh, you were trying to shoot out the tires and the bullets ricocheted into the driver, I see. He died of led poisoning you say, Whaaat?

  10. Isn't it a great viewership that Police Activity has amassed? Most comments are from viewers who believe the officer's use of deadly force was NOT justified. Most viewers are surprisingly rational by internet standards.

  11. Ok, all you young cops out there listen up to these 3 simple rules before you shoot someone:
    1. Means
    2. Opportunity
    3. Intent
    If the subject does not meet all the above, then you might be the one who ends up in prison.
    Did the subject have the means to hurt someone?
    Did the subject have the opportunity to hurt someone?
    Did the subject have the intent on hurting someone? In my opinion, this guy did have the means to hurt someone (knife), but no opportunity or intent. Think twice before you pull the trigger.

  12. Well people doing stupid things and stupid things happen that could have been avoided if they would only comply. A car is a weapon or can be used as one. It’s a very short clip. The knife in the guys hand says he was about to do something wrong or he would have dropped it when he saw police officer. So I’m good with the mistrial

  13. because he didn't put the knife away? he closed the door. and tried to leave. seems like putting the knife away to me

  14. Who knew he had one of those state of the art knives that can stab you through glass and sheet metal, from 10 feet away.

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