30 thoughts on “Carolina in Fort Worth ARRESTED FILMING!

  1. I have spoken with Cpl Green with Ft Worth PD and how the arresting officer violated Ft Worth General Order 212.02, 212.04 and 220.04

    CFW was arrested for "violating" Texas Penal Code 38.15, Interference with Public Duties

  2. Cop can and will keep arresting law abiding citizens because they can without any consequences. The citizen has to pay to sue and then years later , what may get a settlement that the citizens pay out for. Cops never pay out………Qualified immunity and vague interfering laws make them able to do all of this.

  3. Al cops are Oath Breakers and Ego driven Bullies. Oh, and lets not forget they are all pathological liars. When a cops drops, you can be sure the Oath Violating Scumbag probably had it coming.

  4. I guess the police gangs think if they take out some of the opposition then the rest will stand down. Typical gang behavior. Wear the right costume, use the same language and always protect and defend others in the gang, right or wrong.

  5. Oh man….Tarrant county jail sucks. Remember, this is the county that tried to cook Battousai in the back of a cop car to sweat him out for his ID in the middle of July

  6. Ft Worth cops have a short memory and large ego. TURNER V DRIVER. The city must have big fat pockets. PC 38.15 does not apply as she made NO physical contact. CFW….it's Federal Slam Dunk Lawsuit time.

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