Arkansas State Police Traffic Stop Turns Up 37 Pounds of Cocaine

On April 17, 2019, Stephen Mark Cox and Scott Samuel Green were traveling in a white SUV heading east on Interstate 40 in Arkansas. Green was driving and Cox was in the passenger seat. At approximately 1:25 p.m., Arkansas State Trooper Christopher Short initiated a traffic stop of their SUV because Trooper Short believed they were following a black pickup too closely.

Trooper Short engaged his blue lights and pulled Green over for following the black pickup too closely in violation of Ark. Code Ann. § 27-51-305. Trooper Short noted in his report that Green’s SUV was approximately two car lengths away from the pickup truck, and the cars were travelling at 60 miles per hour. Green exited the interstate at the next exit and stopped on the side of the road at the end of the exit ramp.

Trooper Short initially approached the passenger window. He noted that both passengers appeared nervous. Trooper Short explained that he pulled Green over because he was following the pickup “a little bit close.” Trooper Short requested Green’s driver’s license but stated that he did not intend to issue a ticket. Trooper Short asked the pair about their line of work, and Green replied that they were in “fugitive recovery.” After discovering their car was a rental, Short asked for a copy of the rental paperwork and asked Green to return to his patrol car with him. Trooper Short promised that they would be on their way soon. And they would be. To jail.

Green and Trooper Short returned to the patrol car approximately a minute and a half after the traffic stop began—that is, after the cars came to a complete stop on the exit ramp. Once in the car, Trooper Short asked Green about their destination, and inquired as to their travel plans and purpose—including the fugitive they were after and the length of their stay in Virginia. Green informed Trooper Short they were staying in Virginia for three days. Trooper Short then radioed dispatch to obtain the the duo’s’ criminal history.

While waiting on a response from dispatch, Trooper Short returned to the SUV to speak with Cox. Trooper Short asked Cox the same questions he had asked Green to corroborate Green’s answers. Cox did not know the name of the fugitive they were allegedly hunting. Moreover, he indicated that they were staying in Virginia for only one day. Trooper Short then asked Cox about his criminal history, to which Cox replied that he has a DUI. Trooper Short returned to the patrol car approximately six and a half minutes after the traffic stop began.

Upon his return, Trooper Short asked Green whether there were any weapons in the car, noting that both defendants appeared extremely nervous. When Green replied there were no weapons, Trooper Short then asked whether they had any drugs. Green replied that there were no drugs. Trooper Short then asked Green if he could search the vehicle—approximately seven minutes after the stop began. Green stated, “I don’t care” and indicated that both he and Cox had signed the car’s rental paperwork. Trooper Short then discovered that, in addition to a DUI, Cox also had a prior drug charge. [Note: the on-screen text incorrectly attributed the omitted prior charge to Green]

Trooper Short asked Green again if he could search the car, and Green again replied that he did not care. This exchange ended approximately eight minutes after the stop began. Trooper Short exited his patrol car and asked Green to wait in front of their vehicle.

Trooper Short approached the passenger window and asked Cox to exit the vehicle because Green had consented to a search. Cox offered no objection and exited the SUV. The pair waited at the front of the SUV while Trooper Short performed his search. Eventually, Trooper Short discovered approximately 17 kilograms of cocaine in the vehicle’s trunk and placed both Cox and Green under arrest.

Both arrestees ultimately pleaded guilty. On May 14,2020, Stephen Mark Cox, of Beverly Hills, California, was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison followed by five years of supervised release on one count of Possession with Intent to Distribute more than 5 Kilograms of Cocaine and Scott Samuel Green, age 40, of Los Angeles, California, was sentenced on May 20, 2020 to 46 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release on one count of Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Cocaine.




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40 thoughts on “Arkansas State Police Traffic Stop Turns Up 37 Pounds of Cocaine

  1. Do you mind if I search your vehicle? You would at least think if you're going to do a life sentence over drugs you would at the very least deny the request to search your vehicle even if it is a temporary request. Once the doggy gets there It's all over. Hope it was worth it.

  2. this cop isnt too bright. Hey criminal do you have any weapons, no search. after finding kilos of drugs, still has his back to one of them. i wonder where the officer safety bullshit was left. maybe he feels comfortable because they have on suits, middle age, and I forgot white. 🥱

  3. Good for the police for making this bust. BUT, the cop was following him just as close or closer than he was behind the truck from what I could see.

  4. Following too closely..
    Comes up to the door like gotcha..
    Illegal stop and search…
    The cop drives the car away, no tow…
    Is that even a police station at the end..
    Nothing about this is weird

  5. Note to all aspiring drug traffickers: Don't fucking give an officer consent to search your vehicle during a routine traffic stop when you riding wit a kilo & definitely don't get all goddam nervous like you on a first date or something!!! 😂🤣🙏🏼
    Oh and if @real world police hasn't convinced you to stay the fuck out of Arkansas by time and time again showing how aggressive 12 be out there you trippin'!! Sheeeeesssshhhh!! Lmao

  6. CRAZY part is possession of DRUGS DOES not constitute a crime or a felony.. Look up the definition of a CRIME. Pure code enforcement of arbitrary LAWS..ive been intentionally poisioned and gassed like at a NAZI DEATH CAMP POLICE DID NOTHING..

  7. Definitely a tipoff also who the hell puts drugs in the back of a car on show ina suitcase .at least hide them inthe cars cavity's derrrrr🙄🤪😆👍🇬🇧

  8. 🎶"You know I might get rich, I might get busted!" 🎵
    I hate it for 'em, I really do. 37 elbows of blow?!? Hope they don't have kids and/or a family cause all that's gone now. IF they do have a family…. NOTHING is worth losing ur family over. 😔

  9. 🤣🤣🤣That trooper asking that guy,…"you alright man??" is hilarious. What do you think ole boy?? I just got my boots smoked on 37lbs of dope goin over multiple state lines. WTF do you think Einstein??

  10. Good job but I would want the officer to frisk and secure these gentleman before searching so the officer doesn’t get shot or assaulted. Evil can be disguised in a suit. Your job is dangerous enough so please stay safe and always wear gloves!

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