Biden Aide Says He Won’t ‘Comment On Hypotheticals’ When Asked About American Troops In Afghanistan

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46 thoughts on “Biden Aide Says He Won’t ‘Comment On Hypotheticals’ When Asked About American Troops In Afghanistan

  1. The man standing there isn't in the position to decide whether the US Military WILL STAY to retrieve stranded Americans and their allies. WTF is Charlamagne hearing in that question?

  2. The point is we are leaving. Shoulda woulda coulda is mooot at this juncture. We have no energy to spend pointing a finger regarding this exit. Focus on home.

  3. Biden’s plan: remove captain (military) of the ship first 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Trump plan: 1. remove American people
    2. Remove Afghanistan allies
    3. Dismantle and remove weapons and equipments.
    4. Destroy military base
    5. Remove military

  4. Forget this. When the Repubs and white supremacists completely take over the US government, you'll see folks trying to leave America just like you see the Afghans trying to leave.

  5. When Biden came on Breakfast Club why you didn’t give that same energy to him that you did Angela Stanton & Trump supporters? This what u encouraged us to vote for

  6. When u get your information from an entertainment show…after they had a brief discussion about geopolitics the next segment was " should your husband eat b4 your kids" don't let this inform you,you will become ignorant

  7. Hate to be that guy, but that question is the textbook definition of a hypothetical. But it's all good, you didn't go to college.
    You say you agree that we needed to get out of there, but you have a problem with the how. We hear you, what we haven't heard from you is a better alternative. Show us your military strategic prowess Charla.

    I'm not a fan of this entire administration and I'm all for pushing back when they make bad decisions, but they're finally doing something that aligns with what majority of Americans want and they're standing firm on it like you've been telling them to do. Let's use our energy to push them on the things they're actually doing wrong.

  8. First thing you learn in the military is that things never go as planned. I’m all for keeping officials accountable but some nuances have to be experienced to understand

  9. The people of AFGHANISTAN were trained and refused to fight. They gave up turn the government over in less than a week. We did all we can do. They refused to leave until it got bad and ran to the airport and yall blaming BIDEN? Stick to hip-hop.

  10. 🤣🤣 We just need to balance the scales! Too many wt greedy id10ts/ crim in als with high ranking positions they absolutely don't qualify to have!

    Yes! Biden was a better choice than +rump, but in reality they both are bad choices!

  11. Lenard so quick to blame democrats so he can appear fair and balanced. This dumb assertion is another reason y’all should go to school. Lenard every now and then you show us why college is important. Ability to comprehend issue is lacking and so evident. I can tell how quickly Envy and Angela understands things differently and faster than you do and that’s not just on this issue.
    Moral of the story: Stay in school kids !

  12. CTG is missing the point, and he's just playing his role by just making hot takes. Biden explained that there was never going to be a perfect way to do this. He ultimately decided to rip the band-aid off. Good or bad, it had to be done. He's not towing the party line. He's doing what needs to be done, and I appreciate that.

  13. Sista Nina Turner told y'all we was gone eat a half a bowl of kaka. But those low level thinkers of Cleveland rejected progress & woman who wouldn't just tow the line.

  14. Politicians are politicians. However, I will say that the Democrats do things to favor working people more than republicans.
    Democrats passed bills for families to receive monthly earned income checks for their children, unemployment increase, stimulus checks and
    Health care.
    And I’m not sure who Charlemagne is listening to most people and channels including CNN have been criticizing Joe, for the way he left Afghanistan it’s shameful and I not sure who’s really saying it’s not ? Of course Ppl Constantly criticized Trump He constantly did evil ,divisive racist stuff like everyday and never took Any Accountability for his actions. I’m not pro democrat but paint a truthful assessment.

  15. Does anyone know how many talban there are? Whenever I see news clips of them there's only a handful of them and im wondering how they were able to take control of a whole country…seems fishy

  16. Biden didnt evacuate more Afghans when we left, but other than that pulling out is obviously the right decision. Bush got us in that 20 year war. The Taliban is not attacking us right now. So an American foreign policy leader didn't want to say something that could cause violence

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