“The court rejects Deputy Vidler’s testimony”

This case and I have a history.

My search for records from State of Florida v. Marian Lynn Long began on August 17, 2020, with a phone call to court reporting. On the other end was a familiar voice. I had spoken with Kaye on many other occasions, and she laughed when I told her I was looking for a recording from 2006. It had been destroyed more than a decade ago.

I then asked the Office of the State Attorney to produce everything they had regarding the case, and to prioritize their production of (a) the August 29, 2006 deposition of Keith Vidler, and (b) the audio recording of a November 20, 2006 suppression hearing.

That, too, went nowhere. They produced a singe page that contained nothing new. Their case file had been destroyed a decade and a half prior.

On top of that, Marian Lynn Long was dead, and neither Frank Iennaco, Long’s defense attorney, nor the prosecutor, were responding to my calls and emails.

Next came the Clerk of Court. I requested a copy of an audio recording that I had reason to believe was in their custody. I had a photocopy of the CD.

Seriously. A photocopy of a CD.

I wanted the audio, but when the Clerk saw “audio” they referred me to court reporting. The same people who had told me they didn’t have anything.

After months of trying, I finally found my hero in Monica West. Though we did have some teething issues.

I thought my request was pretty clear:

“One of the docket items in this case appears to be a photocopy of an audio CD, where the photocopy is intended to communicate the existence of an audio recording. See attached. Specifically, the CD is labeled “CD 11/20/06 motion to suppress hearing,” and it appears to have been filed on or about 1/4/2010. I request a copy of the audio recording that is on that CD. Thank you.”

That’s what got me a referral to court reporting:

“Thank you for contacting the Orange County Clerk of Courts. Request for audio recordings or transcripts are done through the Court Reporter’s Office. Please contact their office for more information. Their contact information is as follows:..”

Yeah, I know. I was just in touch with them…

“Thank you, however I am not seeking an a copy of an official recording or transcript. I am seeking a copy of a docket item from a case. I believe that you are the custodian of that record. Am I wrong?”

That got me in touch with Monica West.

After exchanging a few messages, I received an invoice. I paid it immediately, and things were looking good. Hopeful that I might be able get the recording sooner, I wrote:

“Thanks, Monica! I already paid the invoice. Any chance you can email me the recording?”


“Your request has been fulfilled and put into the outgoing mail.”

A no, but a promising no. The kind that says, “No, but be patient. It’s coming. Finally.”

Turns out it wasn’t.

My request for a copy of an audio recording, referring to a specific recording from a specific case, on a specific CD that I bizarrely had a photocopy of? Somehow, that had been interpreted as a request for a copy of the case docket. One of the few things I already had.

Discovering that cost a few weeks, $19, and a decent amount of optimism. I thought that I was getting the recording until the moment I opened the envelope to discover that it contained documents that were already on my desk. Right next to me.

Not the biggest deal in the grand scheme of things, but it didn’t leave me hopeful.

I tried again.

“Hi Monica,

I received the records you sent. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand how the records provided are responsive to my request. I apologize for any confusion, however my request was as follows:

“One of the docket items in this case appears to be a photocopy of an audio CD, where the photocopy is intended to communicate the existence of an audio recording. See attached. Specifically, the CD is labeled “CD 11/20/06 motion to suppress hearing,” and it appears to have been filed on or about 1/4/2010. I request a copy of the audio recording that is on that CD. Thank you.

In response I was provided paper records only. Please advise.”

Monica then tracked down a box at an off-site storage facility, and requested that the box be retrieved and shipped to her office.

Eventually, it showed up. In that box was a CD. It was the CD I had a photocopy of. It had been there for more than ten years.

This is what it contained.





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37 thoughts on ““The court rejects Deputy Vidler’s testimony”

  1. This will have a ripple effect! He seemed to be a bit of a renegade. He thinks he is super cop. Hopefully he gets charged with perjury, we all would!

  2. I don't feel this is necessarily proof he's purposely being dishonest. I'm not sure when the original arrest was, when the deposition took place and how long after that finally this trial. Human memory is very falliable especially when u have many arrests and possibly other trials going on. Its reasonable to consider this is just a case of not remembering details or memory changing over time. That being said it could also be Vidler making a concerted effort to be deceitful.
    Thing is, if he's giving false testimony in court with the intention to railroad this man why wouldn't he have gave this version when deposed?

  3. What a surprise, everyone in this is corrupt, especially Jeremy and Jennifer Burton but also cops. Welcome to real life people.

  4. I have been saying for a long time all this DeWitte stuff is gonna come back and bite them in the ass. This is just the tip of shit that will come out in the end. Look up what they did to his younger brother.

    They been after this guys forever. Ya the dude might be a bit crazy but you will find these cops who continue to harass this man are just as crazy if not more.

    DO not give me that, "he is a sex offender" crap either unless you know the whole story of it. Anyone will see that the fact that he was charged with that is even BS.

    I am a women and I stand by this. There is a war against white males in this country and others. Why in the hell would so much time and resources go to this Dewitte guy when anyone can see EVIL is prevailing in this country.

    If you look into this whole thing something stinks, and its bad. I am usually standing up for cops in this country but I have got to say these guys are a mess.

  5. Police have to deal with the mass phycosis of hate now this is why the mythical good cops are quiting law enforcement in droves

  6. I could tell Vidler was no good just by the interaction he had with that Douchebag Jeremy Dewitte when he tried saying he was carrying a concealed firearm he knew long before he pulled him over that it was a pepper ball gun he just wanted to make another case on that dope!!

  7. From what I see this has nothing to do with Jeremy Dewitt's case. So what is the point? just because they tossed out his testimony here does not mean they will toss out Dipsh–s.

  8. dam i gotta finish watching this when i get off i had a feeling he wasnt so clean you should check out that game warden in putnam county fl i sent yall an email that would be an interesting one charges dropped after he arrested a reserve deputy for boating while under influence was no probable cause hes always harassing people

  9. Quite frankly, I don’t care if Vidler’s credibility in this old case being featured in this video was challenged or not. I represented cops for 25 years. Some “testify”, and some “test-a-lie”; but except for the truly BAD cops, they are there to protect society from people who would do us harm.

    Vidler recognized a truly BAD GIUY Ever since he first encountered Jeremy. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his persistence and diligence in what appears to be the final chapter for the police impersonator of all time, Jeremy. We salute you Keith Vidler!😇😀

  10. Must be nice to work for an employer that promotes you to sergeant after you were caught in a lie. Most other employers would probably terminate you immediately

  11. Good idea to put this on youtube! You are helping Dewitte's lawyer with this.When Vidler testifies at Jeremy's cases he can use this and say Vidler's testimony can't be trusted.Well done.

  12. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the crazy stress @Real World Police has to go through to obtain all this stuff for us? Talk about running in circles! You're the bestestest, RWP!❤

  13. VIDLER A LIAR? No need to be shocked. Ive said it before and will say it again. Orange County Sheriffs office is probably the most corrupt police agency in the United States

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