21 thoughts on “Cop says: shoot ex wife’s tires out on body camera bwc

  1. It's funny how the cops don't even realize that it's them that brought on body cams. If it were not for their blatant misconduct, they wouldn't have to wear cameras.

  2. The Law Enforcement Industry TRULY, WHOLEHEARTEDLY believes that body cameras exist to advantage them, and NOT to provide accountability of the wearer. A wearer-controlled body camera is every bit as much a weapon as the firearm and taser. Selective recording of interactions, at the discretion of the wearer DEFEATS THE POINT OF BODY CAMERAS!! Law enforcers LEGITIMATELY believe that they are unable to even commit crimes (they refer to their crimes as **mistakes**). Publicity accessible live feeds are THE ONLY WAY to create a true and fair account of all interactions. PERIOD.

  3. If only more ex cop family members felt safe coming forward with what they know, have heard and seen, it would be an eye-opener.

  4. Pilot: Oh shit, we are about to crash, I better mute the black box and the cockpit recorder so the investigator can not figure out what happened to the plane.

    This is how stupid allowing men and women with licenses to kill to mute their bodycams.

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