43 thoughts on “Cops arrested her for using shopping cart even with permission – So we bought her very own! Update

  1. Better have her name engraved on it "PROPERTY OF…" so when Off. Mckay steals it he can go directly to jail….๐Ÿคจ Is their a lawsuit pending in this case…Civil Rights, ADA..ect…Mckay is scumbag…he put that ladies groceries on the ground and left her in the street…that's what I call terrorism…๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ•Š

  2. That police officer would have never thought of doing something so kind. He much prefers giving off negative energy. Thank You James.

  3. Seeing people do kind things like this puts my faith back into humanity thank you cos I've lost faith so many times but seeing good hearted people like yourself reminds me there is good in this world but I know now not to expect it from government officials thanks again

  4. Iโ€™m beside myself that a cop felt that this was the proper use of his time and effort in the community, ever more so that he did this , felt zero remorse and left her on the side of the road helpless. How does he go home to himself and family feeling like heโ€™s done good. How can he look in the mirror? Such a pathetic excuse

  5. As someone with mobility issues following Covid19, I can tell you how great a tool this will be. Not only will it help her get her groceries home without getting a citation/arrested, it will help her walk more easily. Carts can help like a cane or walker when necessary for shopping. This is such a kind gesture. Thank you.

  6. Forward the video to the Port Orange Police Department, so that officer Andrew McKay can see where JMA. Picked up, where he let off . Guys like you do not have to ring the doorbell when they get to heaven !! Well done ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  7. What an angel u are. Just good ppl r hard to come by today. It's sad that officer felt the need to stop and harass and ticket that woman. For using a friken cart. Just sickening

  8. I dont get it.
    Just give her the money you used for the cart. Then she cam use it for her tyrants fee. Gang of America fee. (Whatever the ass government fined her for their terrible workers)

  9. Wow. Tyrant cops get the shame. Good for her and blessed to you for the cart. Earning the hate and they are suppose to serve. REALLY??

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