23 thoughts on “Pants or no pants – You’re gonna do these field sobriety exercises

  1. You're giving up your right to not be a witness against yourself if you refuse to claim your right they will get into your pocket and cost you money do not take a field sobriety test do not take a blood test do not you're being a witness against yourself I would go as far as to say when they lock you up on suspicion and fingerprint you the fingerprints are taken without your permission therefore deprivation of Rights they belong to you your name belongs to you

  2. Refuse always a field sobriety test ! Ask for a breath test immediately . field test is pigs way of dominating you're freedom . a power trip ! You will never pass this decronian test . the pigs love them ,as they know they have an arrest! FACT !!!!.

  3. Yeah, delay delay delay, if you’ve been drinking. Don’t do FSTs…..wait for the official test. Better yet, don’t be an idiot and drink and drive.

  4. I love how so many boot lickers are willing to just justify this because her pants were off. They don't even question why her pants are off what if that stupid f**** cop ripped them off of her. What if they were tied around their waist because maybe she freaking lost control over bladder and didn't want to wear them but still wanted to cover herself but yet this video shows her with no pants on f**** boot lickers go look some f**** boot ass hats

  5. The ONLY field sobriety tests that are accepted is the follow my pen test and stand on one leg with the other in front of you, other than that you do not have to do any of these tests. You have no obligation to do any of these tests.

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