Cop has NO MERCY For disabled woman – Port Orange Police

I’m working on getting this woman a custom cart. If you’d like to help or know someone that can provide s new cart unbranded please reach out. This woman is NOT HOMELESS Just fyi and

A previous post about the Port Orange Police Department and a disabled woman charged with possessing a shopping cart has been corrected and updated after review of the body camera.

According to the article officer McKay did not order her to put groceries on the sidewalk.

The woman’s permission to use the cart is mixed. She has had, currently has permission to use the cart off the store grounds. She now has written permission.

Some of the information I received was inaccurate, not much changed and take a listen where it was highlighted.

This woman has permission to use the shopping cart off premise from the store manager. Officer McKay would not check with management about her statement that she had permission.

All parties are presumed innocent and this is the opinion of my review after watching the video.

In my opinion Officer McKay in this video does not have a very good method of communicating with people as shown with this woman. The way he asks for I’d, sit tight, and shows no mercy whatsoever about s longtime resident.

As you hear in the video McKay says the chief doesn’t want them off the property. I wonder if they have zero discretion due to that statement

Update- the chief who McKay was speaking about no longer works at this city.

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22 thoughts on “Cop has NO MERCY For disabled woman – Port Orange Police

  1. Why are Police Playing Security for Super Markets and Walmart like stores? I thought we the tax payers own the police, last I checked Walmart doesn't pay taxes. Start Sueing them for Misuse of Government Funds "Our Police Officers"

  2. It's nice that the cop can leave his vehicle blocking the sidewalk. Why don't we try that and see how fast we get a ticket.

  3. Statute 506.509 – clearly says "without written permission", so now that she has written permission the cop can kick rocks and go worry about other crimes, like maybe the crime where he had possession of a cart without written permission after she did. The statute doesn't exempt police from pushing carts down the street without written permission.

  4. When you only have a hammer in your tool box everything looks like a nail. Bring it back give her a warning. Use your critical thinking skills for goodness sake. In this day and age i guess we can be thankful he didn't hurt her.

  5. There were some guys in Denver that drove around picking up shopping carts around town and selling them back to the stores for 20 bucks. The stores gladly paid rather than buy new ones at 700 buck a pop
    So yeah, taking a shopping cart can result in a grand theft charge.

  6. Wow! Why not contact the store and ask if she'd had permission in the past? Why not give her a lift home with the groceries? Why not F'ing HELP her??

  7. She that is f**** cool of you that's the kind of s*** I like to see police don't f**** give a f*** they pick on the most vulnerable people if they can do easy work no problem but if they have to do something that they don't like then they're going to be f**** piece of s*** either way they're going to be pieces of s***

  8. Only to think the Americans with Disabilities Act 31st anniversary!

    When will the madness end?

    The upshot here is the business not cowering to the blue line and standing for right!

    Thank you James Madison audits✊

  9. Wow that was a close one. Thank you officer for solving such an important crime. Glad you don’t have any robberies, sex crimes and people hurting children in your area. Glad your Cheif is a fing idiot too.

  10. The POS Sovereign Servant needs to be Fired and Certification Revoked. Muting his Camera to cover up his Crime against a Disabled Person.
    No more Gypsy Sovereign Servant's (Cops) .
    The cart is worth $98.00 (metal) to $$149.90(metal) plastic carts range from $249.99 to $700 the POS lies through his teeth.

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