Bainbridge Island rampage turns into standoff with police

Got a couple of hours? Meet Hayden Brown.

From the report of Officer Jeffrey Benkert:

On 1/15/19, at approximately 1345 hrs., I responded to a call of a domestic verbal on Sundance Lane. The comments on the call indicated that a neighbor heard a mother and son arguing and the son threatening to shoot his mother. While en
route to the call, the RP advised that the son was in the driveway of the residence breaking things.

I arrived shortly after Officers Johnson and Tovar, and Corporal Koon. Koon was speaking with a woman later
identified as the suspect’s mother. Further down the road I saw Officer Johnson speaking with an individual that I
could not identify. Officer Tovar told me that the suspect was in the backyard of the house and was speaking with Officer
Johnson. While Officer Johnson was attempting to de-escalate the suspect, we formulated a plan for taking the suspect
into custody should the need or opportunity arise. Sergeant Ziemba would assume the task of communicating with the
suspect while Officer Tovar and I would form an arrest team. Corporal Koon would assume lethal cover while Officer Johnson
would deploy his 40mm less-lethal launcher. Just as this plan was completed, the suspect broke contact with Officer
Johnson and retreated into the residence. Sergeant Ziemba attempted to contact him via telephone with varying degrees of

During this lull, the suspect’s mother asked me to escort her to a neighbor’s home where she could be warm and
have use of facilities. As I was walking her across the driveway, the suspect exited the front door of the house holding
a large kitchen knife to his own throat and making threats of suicide. I returned the mother to the command post area
and took a position to cover Officer Tovar, who had deployed his own less-lethal launcher. We attempted to speak with
the suspect but could not establish a dialogue. The suspect went back into the house after a few seconds.

Officer Tovar and I took a position to cover the front door, from where I could see inside the open garage. A white Toyota
Prius was parked in the garage and all its windows had been smashed. [Notably, other vehicles not belonging to the suspect’s mother were present and undamaged.] The suspect exited the home a
second time still holding the knife to his throat. He yelled obscenities at officers and continually made reference to our
weapons, goading us to shoot him. The second time, however, the suspect dropped the knife in some landscaping adjacent to the front porch before he went back into the

By this time, multiple units from other agencies had arrived to assist. I was assigned as lethal cover for Officer Johnson
, with views of the backyard routes of escape. We were advised via radio that a negotiator was on the phone with the
suspect and was attempting to bring this call to a peaceful end.

The negotiation took well over an hour.
The negotiator got the suspect to exit the residence to get water and continue their conversation. We were
advised that we
would receive a command to advance on the suspect.

After a few minutes of negotiation, we received the order and I advanced on
the suspect with the arrest team. The suspect was taken into custody
without further incident or use of force.

The suspect, Hayden Brown, was arrested for DV Malicious Mischief, 1st degree. Hayden’s criminal history reveals he was convicted of inflicting corporal injury to spouse/cohabitant, DV vandalism and exhibiting deadly weapon/firearm from Santa Barbara, California, in what was described as a similar incident where he
extensively damaged a girlfriend’s property.

Inside the residence officers found two Airsoft assault rifles on the bed in the room where Hayden had been yelling at officers and threatening to arm himself. Both weapons were exact replicas of assault rifles and
would be visually unable to recognize that they were not real assault weapons from any distance. There was also a
compound bow and arrows in the same room. Based upon his criminal history it is believed that Hayden has been court
ordered to not be in possession of replica weapons, as he has prior weapon charge violations and is on California probation.

According to his own statements during the incident, he said that he has violated his probation by being up in

Once at jail and prior to booking,
Hayden utilized the jail phone and called the victim and started angrily yelling at her, stating the incident was “all her fault” and
“why did you do this to me.” The victim immediately began defending herself saying she didn’t do this and she hadn’t
called the police. The call was disconnected and we were advised by jail staff that Hayden had smashed the phone receiver
, causing damage to jail property. He was placed in an isolation cell.




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48 thoughts on “Bainbridge Island rampage turns into standoff with police

  1. He said he got raped in jail? Is that why he’s having a breakdown that’s kinda sad to be honest I sort or feel bad for him now

  2. This kid got all the C.O.D. he could have ever asked for and is loving every minute of it. Did they really have to satisfy his wants with 20 units?!?!? I mean really thou?

  3. so it is against the law to break everything in your own home? IF I decide to trash my domicile, I have that right…. keep the LE off me..

  4. 🔥me☝️I live less than 15 mins from this house. Everyone who is saying the cops are showing great restraint and such professionalism is only because that’s a $4 million doll hair house and this is very very rich neighborhood. Beat up the wrong spoiled brat and it just might me some politicians kid or maybe the president of some big company. If this was in Seattle a short 30min boat ride from Bainbridge Island those cops would have set the house on fire with smoke bombs and flash bangs. Entered in a full stack with riot shields and bean bag guns. Don’t be fooled by the Blue Meanies they are only being chill cause you know WeeD is LegaL in Wa. State!!! The cops are high, the kid is high, Mom is high, the dogs are high, and I’m smoking the marijuanas right now!

  5. He’s a spoiled baby.. it’s his mom’s fault. He got everything he wanted, but then when his girlfriend left him and wouldn’t come back, he threw a hissy fit. His father must of not told him about women.

  6. If we could clone a few hundred thousand of the arresting officer to serve throughout the country we’d all be better off. The gentleman genuinely cares about people and his job. At no point did he find any enjoyment out of what the suspect was experiencing. Well done officer, your community should be proud of you. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. this is pretty unrelated but i went to seattle a few years back and took a ferry to bainbridge island. it was very pretty. 🙂

  8. Almost pissed myself when I saw Bainbridge! Such a nice area of Seattle. Extremely expensive though. This fella is 100% having a manic episode/schizophrenia. It makes you do some wild things. My best to him and the family.

  9. "200 pound man eating Alaskan sleigh dogs."
    I'm pretty sure it's SLED dogs, and Malamutes are not known for man eating qualities, but I guess everything is badass when Mommy is footing the bill. They must be guarding his pool full of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

  10. I’ve only been to Bainbridge Island once. It was beautiful there and I could see it being a future retirement location for me.

  11. He was reaching out for attention that he knew he needed. He just had to make the process difficult in order to try and save his dignity.

  12. I grew up rich but never became like this man child. Anytime police would show up to our house I always chilled and was respectful to the cops. Impulse control, as much as I wanted to make threats to the police I kept my call, that's called maturity.

  13. Wow… that's one of the biggest temper tantrums I've seen. He's become a master at using his anger to manipulate his mom and look at all the attention he's able to garner at the same time. Nice one guy… 🙄

  14. Just a dude angry at the system. This Officer saw and responded in an exemplary form. And, Hayden called out what is wrong with todays policing with Officer Mike, he really was escalating the situation.

  15. I have a 16 yr old with ADHD and ASD and being his mom has been hard. This scenario is so scary because I would be that mom and I dread that my son may end up like this. I have compassion for that mom who loves her nightmare of a son. I have been doing everything I can to get help for my son and I really have nothing left but to hope a light comes on and he matures. If he ever does something like this, I hope he is in the hands of an officer with so much compassion as this. This guy needs help. Thank god for his mom that it turned out ok. I sure hope he learns from this and gets help. Moms can’t protect our sons anymore when they’re adult sized. We just have to hope that they land in a safe place. Thanks for sharing this video. It’s actually really amazing. Thank god for these cops.

  16. I think the mother is part of the problem she lets him do whatever he wants, and she's probably loaded with money anyway + a retirement income. She will just go buy all new stuff and probubly more and buy another house anyway. She enables it with crocodile tears.

  17. Mom is understandably upset,but there is no excuse for his behaviour she seems to think it’s her fault . It’s not he needs some severe anger management counselling or move out. Time for him to grow up away from family.

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