Viral COP planting video – a breakdown – by former cop a Must watch!

Brand new mic, whatcha think? I love it. Did the narration with it.

00:00 Start
00:58 pat down to search
01:25 baggy found
02:25 handcuffs
04:30 uncut videos
08:18 Synchronized body cameras

This Internet is not sitting with me well and as you know due to my lawn Forssman experience I can determine things that I’ve seen or occurring in this video

I’ve included the full videos at the end of this break down so that you can watch them yourself and at the end of those videos there’s a time synchronization of both body cams

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


47 thoughts on “Viral COP planting video – a breakdown – by former cop a Must watch!

  1. JMA, you were an officer before, common man. I am with you on all ur audits, but u are acting like the MSM at this point. Feeding people bs. JMA. I love your work but this one, u are wrong. .

  2. Good Stuff on reviewing incident Madison Dude . He could have given it back to the young man he took it off just like he did with the money . That wasn't a mistake .It was a set up for searching the car. The brother did the right thing and recorded the shenanigan's of the officer. gOOD THING BRO DUDE.

  3. When the first officer gives him the baggie, one of them says “corner cup”. Is that some code that means to plant this to create probable cause? Have you ever heard the term “corner cup”?

  4. Cop needs to be fired. The did not think he would get caught be he did and no charges were filed. the cop will lie as always to get out of this. He needs to be fired and charged with unbecoming of an officer and not be able to be a cop ever again.

  5. This cop is a professional kidnapper. Obviously he's done this many times before. Remember you get good at what you practice. Earning the hate.

  6. Even I didn't believe the cops until I saw this body cam footage, but it's still shady af to me. Using that wordplay to get consent for a search is stretching the law.

  7. So many questions, but what was the Probable Cause to remove and even 'pat down ' this passenger?
    The wordplay going from pat down for weapons to checking for link in the deep recesses of your pockets was smooth af. I don't think the passenger knows the difference.

  8. The he'll with the Terry vs Ohio law get rid of it they abuse their power by doing this pat down crap bullshit get rid of law they abuse people's rights with that law so let's fight harder getting this law overturned along with getting rid of their qualified immunity they had to many chances not to be corrupted and now enough is enough with these tyrants abusing their power.

  9. Good breakdown James of why you don't consent to searches. I would have invoked my 4th, 5th and 6th amendments when he asked about the pat down.

  10. The way he blades his body and body camera toward the door while throwing the bag into the car seems to be intentional in order to obscure the action being recorded. It wasn’t until I saw the cell phone recording that I was able to see how the baggie entered the vehicle.

  11. JMA, i lov your stuff but i believe, hence that fact, i believe you are wrong. I said it in your last video. I dont believe .. key word… i dont believe that LEO planted shit.

  12. All pigs are lying pieces of s*** it's obvious he was trying to plant evidence but got caught and back pedaled have you ever seen a cop put anything back in the car they always put it on the trunk or the roof or the hood and he puts the gloves on after cuz he planted the evidence and then he was going to search and go oh look what I found lying pigs

  13. He was probably throwing it in the car so he could put it on both of them, in an attempt to turn them against each other and get one to talk. Slick guy from start to finish. Wonder how that would've went without the camera?!?

  14. Please Come To Connecticut To Educate The First Amendment And To Educate The Fourth Amendment For Violating An Audit’s Right’s.

  15. These cops need to be investigated!! How many times have they done this?? I'm going to say this was not the first time they've done it!!

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