Worst officer I’ve seen! Officer Eric Vandergrift dangerous tyrant – no constitution!

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Officer Eric Vandergrift of the Harrison Police Department is a super tyrant and forced a woman to listen to him instead of citing for music. When she didn’t he escalated it. I have no doubt he would enjoy ending someone all the way up the use of force matrix. All this happened On the fking Fourth of July when it sounds like wwiii in the background with fireworks. These two officers are garbage. Garbage.

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The chief Chris Graddy is enabling and a useless chief in my opinion after I spoke to him on the phone.

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27 thoughts on “Worst officer I’ve seen! Officer Eric Vandergrift dangerous tyrant – no constitution!

  1. The cop was wrong to arrest her, and the other older one for backing him up rather than telling him to let it go, but this couple looks to be a couple of useful idiot, trouble makers considering all the BS leftist, propaganda flags hanging around their house, and that they were in the protests last summer. The guy was a bit loud and emotional understandable, but tried to talk sense into them get them to think about what they were doing and stop it before it got too far and the cops ignored him. He was in his rights in everything he said and did, as was hi wife, tho she should not have resisted arrest, and should have just let him cuff her and then talk them out of doing anything further and letting her go. The time to fight is in court not against the police. This is how people get hurt, and sometimes, rarely killed.

  2. If it was sweet, lovely, flowery speech why would it need protected?
    Are you telling me she said Constitutionally protected speech (in public) on her property in front of HER CHILD, the only complaintant for her speech (disorderly conduct) was that officer?
    This guy broke my heart. "that's my partner" "it's a confession! Gawd damnit!"
    Cop's wonder why they lose support every day
    I bet this brings back so many memories for you, JM. I'm sorry.

  3. Look — at some point you've just gotta know when to quit. If an officer decides he's gonna put you in cuffs it would be extremely wise to shut the heck up and put your hands behind your back. Resisting will be the fastest way to an ambulance ride to the hospital with a broken limb or a first-class ticket to ride the lightning. You're not gonna talk your way out of it. Fight it in court where you're supposed to. If the officer was wrong you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Clearly the words expressed by the individual(s) of the party "at fault" are protected by the First Amendment… free speech is free speech—especially telling a cop where to shove it—even if other families are nearby. Ironic this should occur on the day we celebrate our independence.

  4. I'm sure I'll get some negative response for this, I don't think you should tell them you're going to sue! The money isn't going to come out of that jerk's pockets! I think it needs to be brought to attention to the city council and mayor as they are the ones that are going to have to answer for their actions, sometimes things will get done the moment you bring up the incident with a room full of other citizens of the community. Once the citizens know what's going on it can have an impact because now the people they have been paying for services are now aware and it can't be swept under the rug like it was when the chief said it was "reviewed" which I guarantee was a load of crap!

  5. You might want to keep an eye on this case because I did get a hold of a sergeant that at least seems to be pissed off over the actions of this officer and his chief. I informed him that I am aware that he is both bound and duty bound that even if his chief of police is violating the law he is required to report it to whoever is higher than his chief and if they refuse to do their job he is to take it higher. He informed me that he is going to take all of the information that I gave including the state and federal laws that the officers in this video and the chief of police are committing to the mayor and if the mayor doesn't do anything higher. I will also be checking myself to make sure the officer does his duty.

  6. In Arkansas, it is not legal to refuse to submit to an illegal arrest. This is why that law is terrible. The police can escalate any situation to a false arrest under some vague "disorderly" charge, then add a "legit" refusal to submit charge ("resisting" in Arkansas requires that of harm which they don't have here). The disorderly charge might be dropped, but the refusal to submit won't, and the courts will use that to argue that the officer was within his rights.

    Arkansas Code Title 5. Criminal Offenses § 5-54-103

  7. Mmm mm mmm, UNBELIEVABLE. Playing music in your own house, best thing to do is when you see them. Go inside and DONT ANSWER THE DOOR. I feel bad for these people

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