ARRESTED – Minnesota Guardian Auditor arrested for sexual advances tasing woman

YouTuber Minnesota guardian was arrested this week for sexual conduct charges and use of a weapon.

He’s alleged to have given a woman who had a mental health incident a ride home. She claimed that he offered her money for sexual favors and then became more aggressive ultimately kicking her out of the car and taxing her.

The police report stated they found taser barbs in her shirt and blood as well on or about her clothing.

All videos on his video have been taken down and clips of his incidents can be found on other pages.

The video included is what I’ve seen as typical video content from him. His charges on this video were dropped as most are with first amendment activist. I did not support his method of his actions prior to this alleged incident. full video of clips I used from live stream.

Clips and Media report –

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40 thoughts on “ARRESTED – Minnesota Guardian Auditor arrested for sexual advances tasing woman

  1. I watched his videos before and I've never seen him do anything that the police are claiming that he did and that you're putting out in your video and claiming he did maybe I should unsubscribe to you it seems like you're claiming s*** that you have no idea what happened

  2. These wise words are only part of this quote that keeps repeating itself in my head as I watched this video and read the comments.

    “Being Judged by the Content of Their Character”

    Unfortunately their are so many young individuals that we as their role models, parents, grandparents, teachers, and society have let down on the amount of wisdom and ethics they’ve been taught.
    The bar for older generation wasn’t perfect by any means, but at least there was one. Television, video games, music videos are the babysitters of too many children that have language, sex, murder, as a normal activity.
    IF this young man honestly has done nothing wrong, it’s a crime of smearing his name.
    IF he’s actually guilty, it’s a crime and the fault of the adults that failed him tremendously.
    Either way I’m so sad- because in this situation , It’s a no win either way as I see it.

  3. Totally agree with your assessment. I have actually stopped watching many auditors because their behavior is just appalling.

  4. I agree ! We have others that need to stop or change their attitude and thw way they conduct the audit ! I really like your audits and Long Island auditor thanks for your service 👍

  5. working as a Surity Agent I came across unjustified convictions, for example, a guy goes into a dance club mets what he thinks is an adult age women 1. because the club is for adults and serves alcohol 2. shows a ID to the bouncers that shes 21 and looks 21 to later get arrested because the Parents found out that she had consensual sex being only 17 , even16 in some cases, and the DNA done extracted from the hospital shows that there was penetration involved, so he goes to jail and this type of cases happen more often than people think. With police retaliations seen alot in this community and the propaganda that they create to discredit individuals (Blind Justice being one of those example) I have to be cautious of this story, if true so be it. One question, they say he stopped kicked her out and tazed her twice, with prongs w/out prongs? Where, did she screem, at what point he tazed her? if tazed from car w/prongs did the tazer get pulled out of the car because the electross line is still attached to his tazer? Was it manually without the prongs? To me those are questions I would like to know.

  6. A few months ago the Sheriff of Ramsey county Bob Fletcher that does a livestream every Friday responded to a call of someone overdosing at a bus stop Bob Fletcher gave the guy 3 Doses of Narcan and Minnesota Guardian was right there up in the face of the guy overdosing as Fletcher did everything until the EMTS arrived. The screwed up part was, that the following day was the 5th year anniversary of Bob Fletchers sons death from a overdose. You can find the report of Fletchers sons overdose on YouTube just by searching Kyle Fletcher. I'm not a supporter of bad cops but Fletcher is one of the good one's. Fletchers sons had a warrant for his arrest years ago when Fletcher was Sheriff before, Fletcher arrested his own son in hopes of saving him life. If you watch any of Fletchers live streams on YouTube or Facebook the channel is called Live On Patrol you'll see the good he's trying to do. When he pulls someone over most of the time he pulls beside them and rolls down his window. He gives gift cards out to people in need, I seen him give people his phone number to call so he can help find them housing. Crap that most cops would arrested people for Fletcher doesn't do anything, even if someone's smoking he says he's not the pot police. The guy has over 6k people on YouTube alone watching every stream. I know all of the cop haters can't stand hearing that one's is trying to help people. But get over it

  7. I can't believe you believe the lying ass cops and fake news. They have been out to get this man since he has been holding them accountable. I just unsubscribed to you. I hope your friends know that some dirty cops and fake news can shape your views. You sounded like you think he is guilty with no trial , You are as bad as the dirty cops and bad government

  8. Once again you have a person that thinks he's God and he can knows what's better for the police and everyone else well are you sure your God goes your way here acting sir you're acting like God mouth shut for someone shut it for you what does idiot does a good job of it I agree but the thing is everyone has to judge someone it says in the Bible judge not or you shall be judged by the same standard for you use against someone else the next time you see your maker. I didn't know it was I was judging

  9. Mixed feelings. What he did to the woman in the first part was creepy, and the comments were dumb, but not illegal. Then she was upset and following him. There is still no expectation of privacy in public. You can't turn the "I don't like being filmed in public" into harassment charges. Taking the statements at face value of the video, the officer had zero grounds with which to arrest him. "She asked you to stop filming and you continued to film" isn't a crime. This shouldn't be taken to be a defense of his actions, but only addressing the legality of the incident in question.

    The allegations brought up after are another matter altogether. If he's guilty of them then he needs to be held accountable. I hadn't seen his videos before, and while I agree that being a creep isn't good for the auditing community, we need to make distinctions between poor behavior and illegal activity.

  10. Not a fan of Minnesota Guardian! I never liked his aggressive, childish and disrespectful style. I figured he'd get his ass kicked but had no idea he was so stupid to tase and sexually assault a woman.

  11. By the looks of it, it`s not a stretch to see his natural progression from this would be violence. Why isn`t anyone saying this girl was reported to be under 16?

  12. I unsubbed long ago. He just seemed creepy to me. I hope it's proven not to be true but if so….he unfortunately deserves what he gets. Especially if he tased someone.

  13. Ok but it was not illegal …… nothing he said was harassing , nothing he did was harassing …
    They will need proof that Minnesota guardian was the one who actually tazed the lady . The video you showed is not that proof .
    Your front door analogy is also flawed .

    This lady is sitting in public . She is not at her house ..
    I laugh that you would even try to connect the two and it hurts your credibility James.

    Are you a lib or just acting like one ? Letting your emotions get the best of you ?

  14. the way he approached her just standing there.. and the fact she was sitting and him standing had that dominance affect.. he's a creep with a camera .. maybe it seems a sociopath too!!

  15. This reminds me of what happened to Ian a pissed off hooker mad about whatever says whatever and the cops believe it and person is arrested then all of the auditors distance themselves and turn their backs… these charges are no different then the rest of the nonsense pigs believe. Public is public legal is legal….. all it takes is the person to know a cop or find a bleeding heart willing to listen to their lies and they can say you blew up the towers or was the gunman at sand hook. Why are these charges different then trespassing or obstruction… this is 1 persons complaint so she said he said stupidity which shouldn't ever be allowed to get this far. I would imagine there would be a video 📹 someone's words should never be allowed to ruin a person's life.

  16. I watched a few of his videos when he first started, I did not like him or his style. This, If true will and must end his time as an auditor.

  17. It's pretty shitty of James Madison Audits convicting him already without due process, without evidence that he actually sexually assaulted the woman. The woman was mentally ill, what if he was attacked and had to use the taser. Women tend to use "sexual assault" to get revenge on men and it often times works in the court system, the system you supposedly want to change JAMES. You're a disgrace, you convict him on the spot and wipe your hands with the matter. Very sad. I'll be unsubscribing.

  18. He’s a loser of course we all get it. Knowing how filthy the cops are I don’t believe in any of the charges. If this kind of auditing bugs you check out those losers from LA that literally bother workers on random job sites. Sgjv or something they are called. I don’t believe he’s guilty of anything more than being a loser aware of his rights

  19. Hahaha, I love all this he is a bad person but what I do is ok bullshit thats coming out of the genre these days. It's fun to watch. Oh, 7 years, go read the statute. Possibility of 8 years if ruled consecutively. He has 2 counts per the record also. Maybe if you jokes for journalists actually did any research you would have your facts straight.

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