LAPD Officer Brutally Assaults Innocent Protester, Then Arrests Him

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LAPD Officer Brutally Assaults Innocent Protester, Then Arrests Him

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35 thoughts on “LAPD Officer Brutally Assaults Innocent Protester, Then Arrests Him

  1. No more we investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong. No more paid vacation when cops do something wrong. Is time to abolish qualified immunity.

  2. Thank you LAPD! Antifa are a bunch of punks. Have you seen the Video where Antifa was assaulting and harassing peaceful protesters? Days before this protest

  3. Oh yes the innocent antifa we all care soo much about. Helmet to a protest? He must be the one with the mace and tazors in his pocket.

  4. His name is Tracy Saysay and he assaulted Guardian reporter Lois Beckett minutes prior to this encounter and it’s captured by another camera.

  5. He was fine until he turned and shaped up to the officer.

    Placing myself in the shoes of each individual, I can imagine doing the same for each. Both sides acted without reason, instead relying on emotions.

  6. Yep that's the same shit i saw the only thing is buddy would be getting the two piece without the biscuit once a cop hits you unjustly I suggest you hit that fucker right back lord knows I will sorry I'm not you hitting post I'm not your property to beat on freely you want to beat on me ok just know I will beat on you right back that's my word yes all this can be hashed out in court but I'm getting my justice right then and their mark my words hell no I refuse oh yes you will feel my anger now clowns and it's worse then yours I'm planning on taking a few of you with me if you try to kill me bet I dont you will lose that bet read them 3 Supreme Court cases they lay the foundation on when we the people can handle our business with these oath-breakers not only it's going to be on my camera but it's also going to be on all of your body cams I'm letting you know right now no articulation of a crime you're not going to touch me I do self-defense and no articulation of a crime you're not putting cuffs on me I'm going to self defend against that shit too no articulation of a crime and you hit me with your nightstick buddy it's the last thing in your fucking career you will ever do🤷‍♂️

  7. Hey, that's my friend Tracie. I saw two mutual friends after the fact and they told me what happened. He said that his leg most likely got broken.

  8. Just another POS getting his rage out for working for the LAPD. You should see these guys working at night, scared little piggy's.

  9. The cop had to arrest him . . . otherwise he assaulted an innocent man, so by arresting him, he could justify assaulting him. Don’t get me wrong, that man was innocent, which is again why he had to arrest him, police can only assault you if you did something wrong, now the cop has come up with a reason for arresting & assaulting him. It’s the ‘Strike first, justify later’ tactic.

  10. He was walking away with his back turned. The cop shoved him in the back. I see no reason for that. From there it went downhill. He turned and the cop took that as a sign of aggression and struck him with the baton. Looks like an easy win for the attorney.

  11. Like Hyenas operate. Identify a weak or seperated victim. Hobble them while the rest of the pack goes in for the kill.

  12. I've been watching Villains Report since he started in Washington State and Portland Oregon and he's a very good he was with the boy who was shot and killed in Chop or Chaz. He's a great reporter.

  13. Officer instigated this as they were moving off and he had to push them to get them to move faster, then when the person turned to I guess tell the officer his displeasure in being poked in the back the officer stepped it up a couple notches….. uncalled for ;-(

  14. It's hard to have sympathy for these rioters. Then again, it's also hard to have any allegiance toward many police officers these days. Don't fuck with the police and for the most part, they won't fuck with you.

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