What’s Wrong With The Police These Days?

Mike The Cop and the Underpaid Producer take to the Las Vegas Strip to ask one simple question: what’s wrong with the police these days?

Video idea Inspired by Fleccas Talks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIpwPuJsrboNnf200oV8cWQ

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28 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Police These Days?

  1. Hi mike. I’m a Vegas local. Welcome. I believe that what is wrong with police I the Supreme Court cutting the obligation to protect people, and instead enforce law. That is bullshit. The moral obligation to protect people and their freedom should take precedence over enforcing the will of the few, and revenue collection. That basic philosophical distinction means everything. Don’t get me wrong, most act like that anyway, but insisting upon this would change the way the bad apples are removed, and put them in the eye of the public for what they deserve, as selfless protectors and heroes.

  2. What's wrong with the police these days?
    Well, first, there's stupidity. The cops got permission to discriminate against intelligent people in the hiring process so a lot of cops today simply lack the intellect to analyze a situation and arrive at a workable solution quickly, so they revert to training which is predominantly focused on violence. Stupid people also follow orders better than smart people.
    Second, psychos. Police work naturally attracts certain psychological types – psychopathic bullies, sadists, and megalomaniacs among them. The psychological screening process either intentionally or unintentionally fails to exclude such dangerous thugs. Add a cop shortage to the mix and you create an incentive to hire any warm body that comes through the door, including those damn gypsy cops.
    Third, burnout. A cop deals with the dregs of society almost exclusively. After 5 or 10 or 20 years of this, cops become jaded and extremely biased to the point that EVERYONE is automatically considered a dirtbag and dirtbags don't "deserve" rights. Fuck 'em.
    Fourth, poor training. As mentioned above, a lot of cop training is focused on violence, how to inflict pain, how to kill. Combine that with Dave Grossman's "Warrior Training" that convinces cops that it's perfectly fine to kill, even fun, and Israeli Military Training that teaches US cops to treat everyone as if they are a Palistinian terrorist, and you have a very good recipe for a lot of excessive force. Apparently very little training focuses on the constitutional lines that police cannot cross. When you consider that post-hire on-the-job training is given by jaded, biased, burned out, psychopathic bullies called "Training Officers" who have been trained that killing is perfectly fine, the new hires cannot help but become as bad or worse than their trainers. This creates a constant downward spiral into absolute thuggery.
    Fifth, police unions. These bastards routinely defend the indefensible and thwart any attempts to keep cops accountable. They're also a powerful lobbying force for ever restrictive laws and they hold out their endorsements for political candidates like carrots on a stick. Politicians don't fuck with police unions.
    Sixth, police leadership, many of whom have grown up biased, jaded, and psychopathic and expect that in their officers, then there are those who must convince their masters they are always in need of more funding, then you have the political ass kissers who care more about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs, and there's the inherently corrupt for whom the blind-eye is the only eye, as long as there's something in it for them.
    Seventh, nepotism, cronyism, the Blue Line and the "Brotherhood". Eeeeek!
    Eighth, the qualified immunity doctrine. The Supreme Court invented this line of total bullshit out of whole cloth and while it's stated goals might have been laudable at first, it has since grown to shield cops from absolutely horrendous behavior, all on the grounds that they really couldn't know that beating this man to death violated his rights. QI has got to go.
    Ninth, Federal Government funding and grants. The Feds reward police departments with money based on the number of drug arrests they make – not convictions, just arrests. So, guess what? There are a LOT of bad arrests. Then there's the military equipment left over from the wars that's just given to them. Boys with toys must play, so the use of SWAT Teams and no-knock raids has grown exponentially for even the most mundane warrants and arrests.
    Tenth, ignorant people. Most folks are naive and still foolishly trust their government, so they never bothered to learn their rights at all. If they had, they wouldn't stand for all the routine violations and the cops would have been reigned in years ago. Cops lie…a lot, especially if a "dirtbag" (any of us) asks what his rights are. The few of us who have bothered to learn our rights are unfortunately so few that we're not even a blip on the screen. This means that in the vast majority of police interactions, a cop has no chance of being called on his bullshit. After doing it for awhile, they grow to believe that they really do have the authority to do whatever the fuck they want.
    Finally, we have the politicians who often depend on the endorsement of police unions to get elected. They will suck police union cock all day long and give them whatever they want in return for an endorsement. Same with judges. Same with DAs. They're all buddies.

    And that's what's wrong with the police today.

  3. Mike – this is a really awesome segment! You should do another Man On The Street style vid again, and asking random folks if (1) they agree that there should be no police force – and (2) if yes, how do they think Americans can deal with crime, being attacked, robbed, shot at., etc. [ by the way – I am pro-police ]
    I notice that a lot of the negative views of cops are primarily generated by bad press, manipulating arrests and shootings to the public in an effort to generate anger and create more views (brownie points).

  4. I think one of the problems today is the shoot to stop issue. Although the average shooting is 3 rounds. (which is interesting since the police needed high capacity semi autos because they were being outgunned argument and the average shooting was 2-3 rounds when using revolvers also). there are times when the amount of shots fired does not add up to the threat, although by the modern definition is justified. When a person is shot 30 to 50 times ( this has happened) is obvious excess force and looks bad in the public eye leading to the issues between the people and the police with the media using it to feed the issue.Also incidents such as the LA Sheriffs firing approx 100 rounds at an suv and failed to hit the guy but shot up the houses pretty well did not set well with the community either. In reality if there are 8 cops on scene and each fire 3 shots that's 24 rounds.Individually that's not excessive but combined it looks bad. It's not a simple issue or to control the actions of multiple people acting individually while being part of a team, but there are times when the police continued to shoot when they should have stopped shooting and observed the result of the initial shots fired.

  5. Rawyalty. I know that guy. I can't remember who he is, but I'm pretty sure he's an actor.

    Old woman doesn't like people bothering her; it's not because she was hard of hearing. You had a few gang members, (no profiling honest), walk by; dude in the hat and grey shirt was a bit suspect too, though only because he was a drug addict. Probably pretty harmless though. Pretty sure those "tough" guys that walked by have more guns than your precinct. The black guy with the two white girls was BLM.

    Wait, that was profiling wasn't it…My only question is, that being the case, how could we be expected to make judgement calls without it?

    That being said, making a judgement call and acting on it are two different things. It's always possible you're mistaken.

    There was one other guy, probably nothing, but otherwise everyone else looked to be tourists. Drinking, carrying on, or just going about there day.

  6. Just like the pig's body cameras we get equipment failure. What a shity ass video if you don't want to get shit in the comment section for your shity ass audio maybe you should check your equipment before using it. You can't get pissed at the people who are calling you out for you not paying attention to the status of your own equipment fuck I'd hate to see the condition of your arsenal because if it's anything like this camera you're using you're in real trouble bud.

  7. Sir
    If police killed someone who try to shoot or try to attack police officer ,what happens? ?
    That police officer will be fired?????
    Reply me please please please please please please please please

  8. What's Wrong With The Police These Days? IDK how about the fact that all forms of violent crime including assaults and shootings of police officers have declined for 20+years and over that same time period police violence INCREASED? …or at least reporting of police violence has increased , so how about the fact that we cant tell if that increase is real because the most police departments some how dodged out of keeping any sort of record relating to police violence up till a couple of years ago? ……tldr the problem is a total lack of accountability coupled with an us VS them mentality.

  9. The main problem with police is that they're human. Unfortunately, this is not a fixable problem. 🙂 Having lived for the last quarter century in poorer neighborhoods, I have had perhaps more encounters with the police than the average person. Most of my encounters have been positive and I don't break laws, with the exception of jaywalking. I know some current and retired police. My general view is that most cops are good people trying to do a job under sometimes difficult circumstance. But they are all human, will make mistakes like the rest of us and there are a few really shouldn't be given authority. I would also suggest that sometimes police get a bad rap for enforcing sometimes stupid and somewhat totalitarian laws (like selling single cigarettes on a street corner). That, however, is not the fault of police, but the fault of lawmakers.

  10. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of watching too many movies or just plain ignorance but where do people get the idea that you should just shoot someone with a gun in the leg to stop them? It’s really amazing how many people think this. I’m surprised someone didn’t suggest shooting the gun out of their hand. They must think that a shot to the leg keeps their trigger finger from working or a shot to the leg always results in the suspect immediately dropping to the floor. They also complain when you shoot someone with a knife at all. Doesn’t matter that someone with a knife can cover a good distance in just 1 or 2 seconds. The 21-Foot Rule is debatable but has some validity.

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