Unarmed Doesn’t Mean Not Dangerous

Contrary to the belief of some (or maybe many) just because someone that the police encounter is UNARMED does NOT make them somehow miraculously not dangerous. Mike breaks down three scenarios and discusses why this isn’t the case. Video #1 in question: https://business.facebook.com/realmikethecop/videos/2087814561479526/ Video #2 in question: https://www.facebook.com/nornowar/videos/1815602485400721/ ODMP reference: http://www.odmp.org/officer/19722-public-safety-officer-mason-james-samborski Be sure to join the discord (aka, the Pig Pen): https://discord.gg/mVCmFFv Like the shirt or others I wear! I proudly promote Relentless Defender Apparel: http://relentlessdefender.com/mtc Support the work on patreon: http://www.patreon.com/mikethecop Thank you so much to all who support the work we’re putting into our content on this channel and elsewhere. POLITICALLY CORRECT TEES: http://www.relentlessdefender.com/mtc AWESOME SUPPLEMENTS: http://www.millecor.com/mtc

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48 thoughts on “Unarmed Doesn’t Mean Not Dangerous

  1. It had a tiny bit of effect because after he got shot that first time he flung upside of the car and he was like 15 ft away from the cop at that time

  2. Are you sure that the blood on that taser wasn't from the naked man cuz it sounded like the cop had shot after the taser had no effect

  3. But now Mike you should know now that as long as they're a cop no matter if they're black Hispanic or what not it's still a race issue with those type of libtards

  4. The law needs to change. If you are using a speeding car as a weapon your are armed. If you have arms you are armed. Etc etc.

  5. PCP is bad. That's why I believe in .40 cal and .357. My advice came from a Miami Officer in the 80's who was a Corpsman (Doc) at SOI where I was a Troop Leader. He was on extended Active Duty.

  6. Unramed man making highway angels while naked.. Runs at a tank towards police officer. He needs help.. He's a damn torpedo!?!?! You'd need heavy drugging to make him stop. Probably so much that he would have died from it.. These are the things that give officers a very bad shift. They don't want to shot someone.

  7. I would probably include his age, criminal past or lack thereof, and that his family claims they don’t know if mental issues in that exact way in an unbiased news story. However, it’s obvious with the unnecessary details that they chose to use and the way that they chose to present those details show an obvious bias. It doesn’t take much to see that what they’re going for here is “a cop killed an upstanding citizen for no reason while he was unarmed after he was in an accident and hit by a car.” Watching what actually happens, it would be quite justified that the officer should have kept shooting as soon as he was able to create distance to end the threat. This officer does everything he can not to kill the man and it’s obvious. He tased him, realized it had no effect, and then the guy attacks at close range so the cop shoots him twice. He stopped shooting at this point, the suspect is not down in any way and easily could have attacked again, but the cop chose not to continue shooting. It’s sad if this was because of a mental episode that this happened, but it’s 100% justified how this goes down. To me this looks more like some of that synthetic drug shit is more likely, but it’s possible his family is lying or he never told them but did have mental issues. The news reporting is disgusting though, they are a large part of why there are always people using race as justification for crimes.

  8. Officer is black but would you like to explain why both subjects you posed as Unarmed but lethal had to be black? You have white guys fist fight the cops often. Yet you pick a guy that is obviously mentally unstable and probably not the best example for your scenario.

  9. That naked dude….people don't understand what PCP does to someone. People tear muscles off of their bones because their brain loses the ability to give the muscles a "maximum strength". This gives people incredible strength but also will allow their muscles to be pushed passed their threshold and makes them susceptible to injury. That dude could have ripped the officers jaw off his head.

  10. You should make a thin blue line sweatshirt but have the flag part be inside of your pig logo and center mass, that would definitely be something I would purchase.

  11. Darin Wilson lied about Mike Brown grabbing his gun, Glocks don't click repeatedly when the trigger is pulled with the slide out of battery. I had one before it was lost in a tragic boating accident, so I know damn well how they work. Wilson is a coward who couldn't handle an unarmed fight against a teenager! Pigs need to learn how to box, or do MMA, or some sort of martial arts, so they can win a fight honorably and without killing someone!

  12. If I was working at a gas station and some weirdo came in and threw piss on me, I would have to call a paramedic to come pick him up, not a cop! 😡

  13. Mental illness is a HUGE problem in our country unfortunately… 😞 Why do troubled individuals so frequently feel like they need to run around naked? 😕

  14. I'm looking to join law enforcement myself. Your videos are very helpful to me. They are preparing me for real life scenarios. Thank you

  15. How this family can say the officer was wrong in defending himself after a tazer failed is as crazy as the suspects behavior. He clearly learned to think as he did that day from his parents. They seem to overlook and excuse their sons choices. He attacked an officer!!! I'm a mother and I'll protect my kids to my last breath but loving my kids doesn't mean I have to accept their bad choices. I know my son would never do this but had he done so I certainly wouldn't lay blame on the officer. He tried everything short of deadly force until he had no other option. Mentally ill or not one has every right to protect their well-being. Nobody should be blamed for doing what was forced onto them, even if the suspect has no logic to think of their actions.

  16. W/O help of CSI La La Land, the blood on the taser could have been as a result of getting hit by a car? The guy messed with the bull and got the horn. What's to figure out?

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  18. As a private citizen I would have emptied my firearm as soon as he came toward me. Rightfully so. Did you notice his family never talked about his drug history. Huh?

  19. When someone cant win an argument by logic and reasoning, they resort to personal attack, or feelings, to gain sympathy. Im sorry that the guy lost his life, but he made the choice to jack himself up and it cost him his life. Sad, but the officer had every right to defend himself with deadly force. I give the officer credit for allowing the man so much time before using force. I feel bad for the family and the officer. They both have a lot of anguish to push through.

  20. No history of mental illness. Hhmm, I don’t think that bath salts care if your crazy. Naked, having super strength, resistant to 50,000 volts. Sounds like bath salts to me.

  21. AJ+ shifted a few years ago from a relatively legitimate news source, to a news source which started throwing conflict oriented media and propaganda on the internet. It's designed to create conflict in America. Divide and conquer. All of their media is effectively designed to make Americans fight each other, destabilize the social structure, and create conflict between legal authority and civilians, as well as between the civilians themselves. Splitting people up, creating animosity, etc…

    4-5 years now maybe. Been awhile anyway.

  22. It's amazing.
    How could anyone complain about the outcome after watching this video.
    He threatened to kill him.

  23. I needed to know update on naked man… prosecutors declared justified shooting, family comes out and lies no on board meds or drugs… facts come out he had THC and Ritalin in system

  24. If you watch the full body cam footage the officer is clearly very upset about what he had to do. Bad situation all around.

  25. @ 16:30 in response to someone saying the blood on the taser might be the officer's: earlier footage shows that when you could see the taser you could see blood covering the assailant's arm. (which the time stamp for that is @ 12:35 )

  26. The fact the guy was a high school teacher only makes the guy look worse. Shouldn't he have known better than to attack the police naked while on sherm? If he was teaching my kids I'd be happy he was dead.
    If what the dude's family was saying was true, someone dosed him. Only drugs will make you go from totally normal to running naked in traffic attacking cops.
    And if not, he's was a mental time bomb that went off.

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