The Fight’s Not Over Til It’s Over

In this recently released video from East Cleveland PD we see the immense importance of training on two levels: First, that we need to be fit for the fight when it comes to us or the community (cop or not) and also that the fights not over until it’s over, even when a GSW has already happened.

RATs TQ saves:

Batesville police officers’ quick action save life of 17-year-old after accidental stabbing Sunday night


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44 thoughts on “The Fight’s Not Over Til It’s Over

  1. If some guy so thoughtlessly got his blood all over my clothes like that, I would definitely send him the cleaning bill after…

    It would be great to know what got into this guy to make him so aggressive. Or was he just seriously annoyed about the birds making too much racket, flying around in their totally irritating way, flapping their wings, and twittering like a bunch of tedious little twerps? Maybe the grass and flowers had too much attitude that day. I've seen some really smart-ass ants, who needed a good talking to. Or a stomping if they didn't shape up.

    ? … Oh, Yeah???

    Whatter YOU looking at????

  2. "That's not how bullets work."

    Not entirely true, though is it? Lol Take one in the heart or head, and you're going to drop like a sack of dogshit into the bin at the park. Lungs are another good drop shot, even if you're on meth/cocaine and PCP, there's not much you can do without being able to breathe. Haha

  3. Can I ask what the cop with the body cam was doing after shooting… I mean he pops one off and then just stood there.

  4. I love your channel Mike watch all the time I was just wondering if you have any crazy body cam footage experiences that you could share with us??

  5. Ponderous video Mike- tons of talking then a little clip then tons of text then a little clip then tons of text … phew too much work little payoff, find another way to bore us to tears.

  6. Is anyone else upset that the officer that the video is in perspective of isn't helping, if there's a specific reason for it please let me know! I noticed that he is specified as being unarmed but I don't know why he wouldn't go hands on in this situation.

  7. Orbital fractures are no joke. My dad got one from jujitsu and he wasn't allowed to sneeze because the pressure could cause blood to go into his eye and/or even pop it out depending on the strength of the sneeze. Yikes.😬

  8. My thought would be that if he drew his pistol and decided to commit to lethal force to follow through and use lethal force till it stops him and not use it once and then try something else it seems he had a small window of time to fire more shots but Im not an officer so 🤷‍♂️

  9. CNN breaking news report: innocent and unarmed black man shot and beaten by multiple police officers for no apparent reason.

    That is what the media would say

  10. I saw this video on my feed and instantly thought “he’s going to talk about BJJ again.” Was not disappointed 😂😂😂

  11. Sorry, but if you're going to shoot him once, shoot him again when he gets up, and keep shooting him until he doesn't get back up again. East Cleveland has one of the worst and most poorly trained departments in the state, maybe even the country. The city is bankrupt, and police salaries are the lowest in the state. The city is 94% black and has a crime rate almost 5 times higher per square mile than the Ohio and national average. ECPD doesn't have a lot of choices when recruiting officers, and it shows.

  12. Any number of things can interfere with the effectiveness of a bullet or taser. Level of adrenaline, drugs, psychosis, alcohol intoxication and sometimes just fortitude.

  13. This guy no absolutely nothing about handgun lethality – what a doofus. I suggest he carefully read "Would Ballistics" by Dr. M Fackler. So many wannabe rodeo guys out there . . .

  14. Wow that is crazy. This is why that even if I judge some cops harshly I always respect that this is a tough job. This is also why I have started carrying.

  15. I shot a cinder block with my Ruger SR40 with hollow points. It took like three rounds to finally break that thing. I shot at another once with the same gun using an Underwood Penetrator it blasted that block into like 15 pieces and kept on going.

  16. And most hollow points fired within 10 yards to 15 yards were most gun battles occur don't even have time to expand. All that hole in your slugs going to do is make it stop in the middle of them and not do shit compared to blowing them wide open.

  17. And never ever use hollow points, cops only use them to minimize risks. Loss of blood pressure is what kills you want to blast a wound cavity through them that stays open, hollow points don't do that. If your bullet expands .25 inches and stops in the middle of them it ain't gonna do shit compared to blowing them open all the way through.

  18. The caliber size the make and model of your gun are irrelevant even majority of coroner,s can't tell the difference between a .380 and a .44 by the wounds and tissue damage alone. Bullets do weird shit and never what you expect them to do.

  19. Why didn't officer empty his magazine into that animal? People have no idea how dangerous and powerful these perpetrators are. I was in rehab after my knee surgery and an LAPD officer was in there with me said a young man literally tore the officer's arm out of socket faster than lightning. I'm retired military and taught inner city high school for a few years. many terrifying incidences. one of worse was me (6' 210#) 2 policemen (both big and well trained , 1 of them a former US Marine) and a former UDT Seal in his mid 40's, try to restrain a 16 yr old boy high on dope who'd been attempting to bite the policemans nose off. I was shaking uncontrollably for 20 mins afterwards.

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