Port of Long Beach Ida Foxy Queen, LauraSharkCW, HDCW, Cal. Guardian,The Cameraman, Desert Sentinel

1249 Pier F ave. Port of Long Beach.
1st amendment audit

it’s official, johnny 5-0 merch is live and online:


a few “F” bombs get deleted out if you hear wonky audio.

we came out friday the 13th to the city of torrance to support our brother POETIC in his court date with LA county sheriff’s department.

Ida Foxy Queen, LauraSharkCW, High Desert Community Watch, California Guardian, The Cameraman, Desert Sentinel were all on this audit.

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34 thoughts on “Port of Long Beach Ida Foxy Queen, LauraSharkCW, HDCW, Cal. Guardian,The Cameraman, Desert Sentinel

  1. I don't understand how people, police in general get upset or defensive about any audits. When police are justifying, as for the public good, DUI roadblocks, prostitution stings, bait cars, drug dog searches at schools, seatbelt/child seat checkpoints, etc. We as a society even justify audits by the IRS, unscheduled health code inspections at restaurants, inspections at nursing homes, hospitals, etc. School boards demand unscheduled audits of a teacher's ability, by allowing someone to sit in on the class. Etc, etc. Etc. The next time a police dept uses underage consumers to try and by alcohol, or tobacco at a store, they are doing EXACTLY what these auditors are doing. Simply allowing someone the chance to either follow the law, or to break the law. As for the use of cameras to document any interaction between a member of society and a member of law enforcement, police do it themselves. If an auditor tells a cop, turn off your body cam, turn off your dash cam, turn off the overhead camera in the interrogation room, turn off the camera in the lobby, turn off the camera in the booking area etc. The same cop will say no. Why? It is there to be an impartial tool, to document without prejudice, and to protect not only the officer, but the public. The only difference is, if the cops do wrong on camera, or the information provided by the camera does not benefit or confirm their side of story, they can loose, destroy, refuse to release etc such evidence. When a member of society has the benefit of video evidence, which they have possession and legal authority over, they as a member of society HAVE ACCESS and CONTROL over, not the police. Imagine if every time you have a BBQ, the fire department policy is to show up at your house and CHECK, JUST FOR YOUR SAFETY, on what your doing? Or if they keep saying, we had someone call about the tiny amount of smoke and BBQ smell, so we HAVE TO WAIST my time, your time, and our time to check it out. By the way, do you have smoke detectors in the house, since were here we can go in house and CHECK. Do you have stickers on Windows notifying US of a children's room? What is your exit plan if a fire starts in the kitchen. We need to just check and see if your extinguishers are up to date. When was the last time you had your chimneys cleaned? Why is a gas can located on the floor of the garage? We now have to call the city code enforcer as ……..all that because you were doing nothing illegal, but someone called. It is the SAME as when a cop says. We got called, so ya you will give us I.D., now we need to search you for weapons, where are you parked, etc.

  2. One auditor and security turns up manstrong ..
    6-8 auditors and they starts to use logic and laws to stay away…

    You should meet more often guys 🙂

  3. Y'all rock, and I'd follow your videos regardless, but I could definitely watch Ms. Foxy all day.

    I don't swing that way, but nice sashay by the legendary HDCW, too 😆

  4. Leos need to realize they are law enforcement not ego enforcement.but then what can you expect from someone who's iq you can count on one hand.

  5. I love what you guys do keep up the good work get all the bad cops off the street they are wears then the bad guys really they are the bad guys and love to guns on people way to quickly

  6. That crazy looking bitch that did that slow spin has good-looking feet lol she probably gets that a lot because that's the best thing about her lol

  7. You actually associate with High Dessert Community Watch??? That guys is nothing but trouble! Out of all the auditors I have ever watched, he is completely rude and obnoxious! I respect and appreciate good auditors like you, but that guy is nothing but an instigator. He is one of the VERY FEW auditors that I have NO respect for.

  8. There is no privacy in a public setting. There are cameras on streetlights and practically everywhere. 1st Amendment freedom of press

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