Peter Fonda Suggests Barron Trump Be Ripped From His Mother’s Arms

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48 thoughts on “Peter Fonda Suggests Barron Trump Be Ripped From His Mother’s Arms

  1. Piece of shit fonda and the other piece of shit should be put in prison anyone else would…Pet Fonda is a low life piece of trash!

  2. Peter Fonda pretty much exposed himself with a comment like that, after all he was also one of the exposed men who was related to the Cory Haimes pedophile ring. That's some shit there…

  3. Barron don't have any sense look at him just as looney as a tune. look who he came from melania and trump. i am with peter fonda put barron ass in a cage. stop apologizing the truth.

  4. Well lets see…Clinton couldn't defeat Trump, nor could Comey, Struck, Page or Mueller. Now they're down to this lame brain to take HIS shot. Liberals losing their minds isn't very pretty to watch, but damn…it's entertaining!

  5. Yet no one outraged about the black kids in Chicago being taken away from there family. Does not sound like real worry just agenda oriented ranting.

  6. Y’all takin this dudes side. But The media would never had said this shit about Obama. Even if they did they shouldn’t have a job anymore. Any presidents family is off limits. What wrong with y’all

  7. Fonda should receive wide strong condemnation from the media .The media companies who do not respond in condemnation would all have to be considered perpetuators of evil themselves .Perhaps fines for inciting crime .

  8. Wasn’t even trump to started this separation at the boarder. He was the one who ended it. I’m not even a trump supporter but anyone who talks about someone’s kids who has nothing to do with the policy is a donkey. You supercrats will let anyone get away with anything toward trump

  9. Lmao what’s with all these old senior citizens actors being so stupid he needs his ass kicked too just like little Bobby you stupid liberals crack me up so quick to judge but do t like being judged I love you all as Americans but that’s it and y’all aren’t good Americans at that lol

  10. I hate to break the news to all of the morons here but when you break the law you go to jail and you lose your kids which is the best thing for them since…..YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! Also show me one picture of a kid in a cage lol. It just is not happening ass hats. Going further Our INCREDIBLE LEADER DONALD TRUMP did not make the laws which piss all of you communists off so much. He is simply enforcing the law of the land , If he did otherwise he too would be a criminal but he chose to do the right thing and I couldn't be more proud of him If you disagree with any of this you are the Problem in this country.. NOT DONALD TRUMP!

  11. I do think we need to create a petition urging the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO IMPLEMENT IT'S ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AGAINST MELANIA TRUMP She Violated Criminal immigration law multiple times

  12. Peter just showed his true self. You are without a soul and I will not be seeing a movie you are in. Hopefully, KARMA will be knocking at your door soon ‼️. You are DEPLORABLE without question.

  13. I do not think peter Fonda was completely wrong to offer a suggestion that such a critical situation could not potentially place the first family as personnel targets with the deliberate course of aggressive actions Mr Trump constantly initiates with his neglectful vicious attacks on any one and everyone in his target weapon site /I just think that Mr Fonda should never underestimate the colleratal damage estimate of very little signifance when planing a sabotage mission he can justify as a personnel defense of his family security .

  14. It really has gotten the ultimate cat in mouse game that everyone is purposely been dragged into this sideshow curiosity misfortune to be dragged into by personnel opinion poll. People need to realize that as A Hollywood Star he can purposefully be subject to vengeful retaliation tactic that the WH can willfully utilize as”A purposeful treat to the first family wether the intention was found to be actually confirmed truth . The way Trump has played his hand so far is a more genuine example of purposeful vengence upon any subject trump feels is a threat to his fragile ego . It also is another example of immature irrational behavior that would allow him to pursue this direction of actions.

  15. President Donald J. Trump should be praised for undoing "someone's" policy of "ripping the children out of the parent's arms" and putting them in cages. Instead you blast the Donald, I guess you fail to see that we have a good President MAGA and might prefer another 4 years of Obama, no thanks,
    TRUMP 2020

  16. I'm on Team Peter Fonda. He was simply making a point that Melania wouldn't like Baron to be treated like those migrant children and their parents. Remember folks Melania doesn't care! Vote them out in November.

  17. Trump is one of the greatest presidents in history. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been. His international diplomacy has led to many improvements in relations. He is protecting the American worker through tariffis own these countries who have been practicing trade terriorism. Now these actors think because they portray intelligent people that they are actually intelligent. Wrong, they are the most ignorant asses I have ever seen. Peter Fonday is a moron!!!!!!!!!! This issue is the kids of illegals in this country. What to do with them!!! Put them on a bus or plane back to their home countries with their parents the day they are picked up….Illigaly enter Israel, Saudi, Russia, China and see what happens. We are two soft on these ass wholes.

  18. Many of you are comparing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to someone BORN IN THE COUNTRY…….nobody complains when military persons are separated from their families not knowing if they'll come back alive……and besides, if you don't want to be separated from your family……DON'T DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL…..get a work visa to work here until you can afford the citizenship and start saving to bring your family across…..and he says 12 year old Barron Trump should be kidnapped and put in a cage with child molesters….that scum should have his new movie cancelled like they did with Rosanne and Last Man Standing

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