Pastor Darrell Scott Praises Trump As The ‘Most Pro-Black President’ We’ve Had

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41 thoughts on “Pastor Darrell Scott Praises Trump As The ‘Most Pro-Black President’ We’ve Had

  1. Mr. Breakfast Club (your name isn't listed on here)
    YOU should run for office!!! 👍 You talk Good Sense.

  2. Hold the trump not set up a 14 year plan for Black College and Universities avoiding them coming begging every year. 69 enterprise zone to help black people. First step and justice reform Bill helping black people out of prison. Second chance helping people coming out of prison to get jobs. O O Van Jones praising Trump for helping black people out of prison with first step act and justice reform Bill. He was there when Trump sign the Bill.

  3. What he meant was, Trump was the most pro black President for blacks that were hard working, respectable members of society.

  4. Please give me a job so I can be on television. If you do I will always kiss your ASS mr trump and say what ever want me too ,because I am a worthless jackass Darrell Scott to trump.

  5. Pastor Darrell Scott, YOU are one of the most craziest "Niccas", I know!! Get off that vodka, drink you some gin, stop acting crazy and try sometimes to win!!! You talk trash man, nobody wants to hear that street talk you're yapping about!! Make some sense sometimes!! Damn!!!!

  6. No person is black or white. Until religious leaders and everyone else accept it and represent the truth nothing will really change. The lies of race is not of GOD. The need to divide people based on skin color, especially by terms that are untrue is something people did long ago out of pure evil. Continuing such traditions is not right and it’s exactly why the same repetitive issues keep resurfacing worldwide.

    There are nations of people, not races of people as it is currently applied. GOD created male and female that we call human beings which should be the only term used for race. That term must be considered from a humble perspective without deeming people as gods at all. The TRUTH matters and so does what we call ourselves as a people. The noticeable differences between human beings should not be emphasized by altering the truth regarding what and who people are.

    There’s too many variations of skin tones to truly divide people by their TRUE colors. Surely GOD allowed such beautiful differences for a good purpose, not so people could turn it into a lie and disguise it as good and true. The outcome of doing that is evident in all aspects of the world and there’s nothing godly about it.

  7. You need to give President Donald Trump a chance to be a better person because he wants to change to what Jesus Christ created him to be and that is a decent human being. Please give him a chance. Sincerely, Stacey

  8. I'm trying to evaluate him in the fairest manner as I look at his style of clothing. In that he wears no tie, he looks more like city hipster seeking entreneurship or work on Wall Street, an old man trying to stay employed as a model.

    It doesn't feel right. And I compare that to Creflo Dollar's style and Dollar feels better. But I know… I'm judging by clothing. It's not fair you think. Not so.

    Your attire says so much about you.

  9. Prophets can speak courageously about issues, but when they start endorsing political parties and candidates, they are no longer speaking for God (Thomas Reese –

  10. Wait… Unemployment dropped a month before Trump took office? Because people saw who the incoming president was going to be? The same thing happened when Obama was elected but in the opposite direction, because of his policies. Am I supposed to believe that unemployment was terrible for 7 years and 11 months but that last month he really got it right!? Oh, and those countries are $h*t Holes (not because they're black, but $h*t holes).

  11. Obama Fanboy….All the Drownings in the Mediterranean and Global Refugee Crises Happened under Obama…with all these Arnachy Disguiseed as Human Rights began under Obama….Religion Persecution Disguised as Human Rights began under Obama.. so give it a rest!!!

  12. Obama IS black and WAS president for 8 years. Did u see him at a round table with pastors and African American people? You couldn't even bring up obama because he didn't do anything for yall. And Trump is supposed to control the outcome of your life!??? No political can make a human do anything , but they can try and provide opportunities and stepping stones, so I love the fact you gave credit where it was due on prison reform, where was Obama on that. But you continued on the trump hating train..if you hate on any one person to determine your fate, your a loser

  13. Y’all are fucking stupid if u believe trump is a racist. He is the greatest president we’ve ever had for all black white snd brown

  14. Pastor you are sale out.. Am sure you celebrate when a unarmed blacks are killed by the police!
    Trump is the worst president in the world. He is un educated and a thug.

  15. Trump policy dont hurt black people black people hurt black people. , dont blame trump , black people been having the same problems way before trump , even in the country of africa they cant enen get their own oil out the ground or other resources with out European oil rigs and technology , and dont forget America is control anfd own by Europeans ,the American flag is red white and blue not red black and green ok , so does it really matter who the president is .

  16. This didn't aged well, so you were complaining about the unemployment rates was at 7.8% was Obama , then it drops to 3.4% was it still Obama ..hahaha

  17. When we stop talking divided politics THEN WE WILL SEE CHANGE – but as long as we are divided the WEALTHY ones in control will continue to keep those IN BOTH PARTIES HELD BACK – WITH THE SYSTEMIC RACISM AND SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION the top 1-3% have continued to do

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