Ocala PD Searching a car | NEVER GIVE CONSENT TO SEARCH!

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Officers with the Ocala Police Department decided to search a car either consensually or by the K9 “hitting” on a smell. The couple had their car searched and a pill was found inside the car which she had a prescrition for.

A statute that later found is not applicalbe to keep prescription pills in a container was cited. The court case ruled that you do not have to have your prescription in a bottle. see: Walker v. State 444 So.2nd 1137 (Fla 2nd DCA 1984)

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Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Ocala PD Searching a car | NEVER GIVE CONSENT TO SEARCH!

  1. Not that hard to ID meds in a prescription bottle. It has its name on the bottle. If not in a bottle I say try ASA or over counter meds. Drug users hide pretty good. He has the container in his hands. If it’s illegal, why is it legal for stores to sale med containers. I put my meds in other containers so I can see if I took them if i don’t remember if I took them. Good lord I’m breaking the law.

  2. Thought you couldn’t search just from smell. If I searched a bag and my partner goes thru it after I searched I would be pissed. Don’t they even trust their partners.

  3. Your comment about not having a ton of money! That's why these people get stopped. The cops know they cant't afford a lawyer to defend themselves from the drug charge. That's the drugs these cops just planted.

  4. If the police are asking for consent to search, it's because they don't already have a reason to search. If they already have cause to search, they won't be asking.

  5. It's too bad that folks are scared to stand up for their rights. Or maybe they don't know how to stand up. Teach your children how to say no

  6. So now what we are seeing is 4 cop cars for a consent (no probable ) search . Clearly there are to many police in this township.

  7. Cops trying to pick the low hanging fruit. Beats them risking doing anything related to crime. Pay is the same. Time to reduce the force and stop wasting taxpayer money on useless crap like this.

  8. If you do not consent then they say they smell something bring out the dog get a hit and search anyways….. sad system ;-(

  9. Blue isis, …..ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!( They are not your friend!! ….all cops are sworn to rob you of your money! lie about everything they do and screw you like a dog! President Trump talks about gangs, and cops are gangs and there as dangerous as ms13!! and isis>>>> DO NOT EVER TRUST a cop and ALWAYS video them! to protect yourself! always remember cops are pirates and tyrants and Liars! DO NOT, carry on a conversation! that is what they call fishing! they will wrap you up and makeup charges on you!! So keep your mouth shut!!!

    This is a ( Fact!) So, The reality of it all is. Cop has to get a certain amount of tickets each month! yes they do have a quota of tickets to hand out plus a quota of people they got to arrest each month! that is how they create revenue! They will screw over there own mother to make there quota! So that is why you can not! believe or trust them in whatever they say or do!! Now day cop are way out of control gun happy tyrants!!

  10. This is a good video to show entitled liberals on how to comply in a traffic stop. It's amazing how many people survive traffic stops when they simply comply.

  11. When the BISCUIT PO-PO HEADS park OUR cars like that…. just say MOVE loudly… just like the computer guy on SNL…

  12. So happy for so many camera's now helping people to not only learn more about their rights, but more so, how cops really don't care about people having rights!

  13. Blocking the sidewalk like the officers doing to me is just being rude has nothing to do with his job right thing like that is just downright rude the sidewalk is not to be walked on

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