45 thoughts on “NEW – BAO ATTACKED! Federal Security Gets Clowned Then Lashes Out part 2

  1. Asian dude needs to just relax a bit. Not referring to when he was assaulted – referring to his behaviour following that. He's so fucking agitated, waving arms around like a madman and rushing his speech. I would've been confused as fuck if I was the officer with dark hair.

  2. I’m sorry man but that dude that was with you was talking all kinds of shit. Calling dude fat, saying he stunk and what not. The moment dude had enough and grabbed him he starts screaming like a bitch. Two wrongs don’t make a right but my god. Dude is a bitch.

  3. I can't wait for the day freeman and bao get curb stomped. Hopefully their cameras catch it so we can laugh at their screams of pain 🤣

  4. That first trash cop that looks like a dehydrated hippo was embarrassed when he saw the video. Until I lost my job and was home more I had no idea how poorly trained and corrupt some police were. Just criminals with badges.

  5. The one officer could careless to actually have too do his job!!! I’m surprised he didn’t go back and get in his unit and drive off.

  6. What a racket. The Federal Marshal attacks a tourist, on video, and no one is going to arrest him. The City of Las Vegas PD will have to investigate, gather evidence, and issue an arrest warrant, if a local judge does not through it out due to the Federal Marshal having qualified immunity. It's going to cost BOA thousands of dollars to get justice, if he ever gets justice.

  7. I'm not sure but I don't think the Metro police have the authority to arrest a Federal law enforcement officer on Federal property. They need to have a Federal law enforcement agent make the arrest, which will require a warrant for his arrest, or catch the subject off of Federal property.

  8. You guys are right to film them, everyone needs to seen the truth. BUT, to those viewing this, please, DO NOT put your children in harm's way. Children have been killed by bad cops before, on camera. It's not worth the child's life. There are plenty of others, like James Freeman, who will do it without getting others hurt. These cops already proved they are out of control and extremely dangerous and there is no one around to stop them.

  9. That's a lot of tyrannical thugs, A$$HOLES one and all. Openly violate citizen's rights, committing assault and battery in broad daylight, on camera, and they are not even worried about anything happening to them because of qualified immunity and their police union.

  10. I've noticed its the black cops and Marshalls that are the tyrants and people say its the white cops that are the tyrant racist lol what a joke .

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