My Plan to Fix California

Well, someone has to do it! Common sense must prevail! California is off the rails lol. This plan is, of course, flawless!



Mike The Cop



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28 thoughts on “My Plan to Fix California

  1. I live in the Hudson Valley in downstate New York and it’s almost as crazy and just as terrible for anybody who isn’t a multimillionaire Democrat. Moving to sunny Florida, Arizona, or Texas to escape this nonsense soon enough.

  2. Please for the love of GOD at least build in an exit plan for for those of us still trapped here behind enemy lines!! Not all of us are leftist morons!!

  3. I totally understand. I'm from SoCal and moved out almost a year ago and now live in Idaho. Never want to move back. Another problem they had was their governor- Jerry Brown. Talking about a leftist.

  4. I wouldn't say all police departments in California are going to agree to give in the far left. There's officers with the Eureka Police Department of Eureka California that are much smarter than that.

  5. Also if anything California is economically the opposite of a Marxist utopia. Also your country "commiefornia sounds more faciest and authoritarian than communist or socialist. Like since you are a cop may I ask, are you high. Or do you not know basic definitions and philosophies and trying to be funny. Cause if so you shouldn't do stand up

  6. Typical anti-California blather, from someone who, I had thought to be substantially more sane that the so-called solution suggests. Here's a more realistic solution, if you ultra right folks dislike the most democratic (in every form of the word) state in the union- why not just kick us out of the country? A notable majority of Californians, if slim, have realized that living in a state that is ranked higher, in overall economy, than most of the actual Nations in this world, and yet being forced to bow to the whims of an increasingly conservative nation (a nation that is more than willing to accept our half a Trillion dollars in Federal taxes each year, while returning far less than that in any kind of services) is a real drag. You lot call us Marxists, communists, and so on- while you drift into Fascism, and are proud of it- so, if you dislike the idea that we can actually vote things into law using a system that is more in line with an actual Democracy than the USA, why not let us secede?

    In fact, why not bribe us to leave, in peace, with no civil wars or any of that stuff you conservatives so love to talk about. We'd be more than happy to spend those hundreds of billions of dollars we hand over to the USA on better things than blowing up parts of the world that are no threat to us- hell, we'd still love to sell you all that food you seem to enjoy eating so much, all that oil we pump from our vast reserves, that technology your kids are so addicted to, and all the rest of it.

    If we are such a bad State … why not kick us out of the nation? Sure, a few of our more nutty conservatives would leave- they'd be more happy living in a nation with less freedom of thought, anyway. Hell, they're Already leaving in droves, and no one has noticed any downside to it. What a great trade- you get rid of a vastly wealthy state that is annoyed at subsidizing the failed economies of close to a dozen poor, conservative dominated states, and in return, you get the happiness of knowing that our liberal senators and representatives can no longer demand that the President be held to the same standards as, say, any good cop.

  7. I live in California but I hate the people you are talking. My family also dislikes the government but the Sierras are much better

  8. I am a Californian and I strongly disagree with my state Government but I am tired of people assuming all Californians are like the people from LA and SF. Most people outside of those areas are just like the rest of the country. Especially the far north and the mountain towns of the sierras and the huge central valley which is pretty much all rural and our values are very different from the libtards that govern this state.

  9. I believe all of the conservatives should leave California and go to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and New Mexico and make them red again. Leave California that liberal shit hole

  10. Complains about the caricatural view of police in the media, which generalises the "bad apples".
    Presents a "solution" to the same caricatural media view of the left generalising the "bad apples".
    I think the term is "hypocrisy".

  11. As a semi-right leaning californian, screw this sjw, high and mighty state. Too many prideful dumbasses fighting battles they have no place in. Its disgusting

  12. The only problem I see is that when it comes time to come back in and fix it, there would be nothing left to fix, it would be like Scar running the Pride Lands in The Lion King. For examples, please see San Francisco.

  13. I wish it were that simple. I’ve given up hope on this place. I’ve been suffering for two years with three still left to go. Can’t wait to leave and once I’m gone the only way I’m coming back is if someone drags my dead body back over here!

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