If you don’t know me, you better ask about me!

I’m sure a couple other departments know me too, but LAPD is 90% of my recording next to sheriff….
They know me, because for the last 4 years I have been popping up at their traffic stops, ped stops, police events,DUI checkpoints, police crime scenes etc.
They have learned to tolerate me, but it was slow to show, but even after 4 years of me, when I find a good reason, or they give me a good reason to go their station, ITS LIKE THEY FORGET EVERYTHING, once they are surrounded by walls, they panic and really try their hardest not to ‘serve’ me. But, because of their arrogance, they have exposed their dept for being NON compliant to the laws and requirements mandated by our constitution. Shocking I know.
It’s not enough that they know me, or even that they watch my videos, I need them to be better, much better then the lazy, arrogant selfish people in uniforms that they have shown themselves to be Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwr76XajtWE7WZarFawaUA), the first and only female cop watch team

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46 thoughts on “If you don’t know me, you better ask about me!

  1. Trained well I see. Cop breaks 5 laws in 3 blocks gets a donut. Citizen Journalist stands on public sidewalk with camera gets arrested because butthurt cops don't know and don't want to know what the clearly worded SCOTUS rulings are.

  2. I don't think he was trying to show off. I think you freaked him out. People don't use their turn signals when they're trying to get away from Batman.

  3. Nice to see millions in tax dollars going toward harassing the public, and reckless driving, illegal u-turn, speeding, no turn signal, illegal lane use – that's what we need more of with our tax dollars.

  4. First excuse is "you're not privileged." Isn't requesting a public record the beginning of the process for obtaining said public? A 'whim' is literally the only justification needed to ask for records. "It's not public access?" Bullshit. "You can request a copy." That's what I'm doing. "It's not just handed out will-dilly." No one knows what will-dilly means. Love his logic and methods of disposing of the request.

  5. these cops literally think they are gods,and they can do whatever they wan't with zero consequences,all because we never challenge their tyrany.

  6. Oh your Laura Shark, here watch me do an ILLEGAL turn!!
    COP Rules 'Do As I Say, NOT As I Do'!!

    Keep up the great work!!
    Happy 4th of July!! 🎆

  7. I love it when they look up and see you! It changes the whole tone and flavor of the illegal stop. Then they disappear like roaches when the lights come on! Keep up the great work.

  8. WHAT COMPLEAT BS….How the fuk do Policy Enforcement wish to have the Trust of the People when they kept doing word Trickery to BUTT FUK every one and treat people like there Crazy and STUPID…. Granted Can't Help the second part thats because most people are FUKEN STUPID… but there word trickery BS is out of line … Just admit you where, are wrong when you are wrong….

  9. Not the cops fault he broke the traffic laws in so many ways, so many times,,,, you, Laura Shark, fried his pea brain.

  10. The fuck up is up with the fucking pig and the middle lane. HJahaj Señorita Laura , maybe he was trying to impress the shark?!! LOL great work BTW

  11. Sheriff scene. He saw you and started giving the narrative of why he was stopped for the camera. Guess they would have had the guy spread eagle half the night if you hadn't come along. Gezz.
    Liken the bubble quotes a lot!!

  12. Driving YALLS cars like that’s PURE HORSESHIT would you drive ur own vehicles this way I could understand IF THEY WERE IN PURSUIT but that’s just nit good for a MOTOR in ur earlier video someone COMMENTED ABOUT the engine noise lifters RATTLIN that’s why right there 👋👋👍👍🌹🌹thank ya PURDESTCOPWATCHERTHEREIS KEEPONKEEPINON

  13. Always respectful yet check them at the same time, holding them accountable of their duties as public servants. You should ask them one day the definition of servant🤔🤣 keep doing you Laura Shark!🙏✊

  14. 3:45 The thing is, you can walk in with a copy of the California statute governing public records access, and they'll just say, "We don't do it that way."
    7:08 Illegal u-turn; right turn; no signal; from middle lane; cuts off oncoming traffic.

  15. I remember that arrogant prick. He went from being an obstructive jerkoff the first time around (not providing readily available information as required by law) to playing dumb this time around.

    Way to stay on these stupid, overpaid, lying, rights violating assholes. Being on probation doesn’t mean they can stop you and pat you down any old time they see you and decide to do so…these dudes are too much. They certainly don’t give two shits about driving like less than maniacs, that’s for sure.

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