48 thoughts on “Ft Lauderdale police department laughing at protesters.

  1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  2. This video just confirms what we already know, most cops are sadistic bung holes who are giddy to hurt anyone not in their gang. Don't get me wrong… looters & rioters should be hurt!

  3. They need to design helmet worn body cams for these clowns so the can't block them with: vests & equipment. Helmet can only be removed by medics or at the station … that will stop this craptastic douchery of cops blocking their body cams.

  4. My grandma and aunt told me they used to be heroes and got alot of respect, people cried when police officers died. Oh how they have fallen so far! Its sad to see heroes turn into villains…now its up to the citizens to stand together and become the heroes and fight the evil. Its almost like a crazy movie just real life unfortunately 😕 😔 😞. I guess there are a few good ones out there but its starting to become rare to see good ones out there. SMH

  5. This is proof. We the People are at war with domestic terrorists (police). This is the perfect right time for The People start excerising their 2nd Amendment.

  6. If the first impulse is to mention left/right, Democrat/Republican as the cause or reason this shit is happening. You really don't get it and things will never change because of that.

  7. Goober head, tighten the straps then cover the inlets with your hands and inhale it should seal. Doh!!!
    Don't they teach y'all this sh¡t?

  8. I was stuck in a parking lot nearby when all this went down, got a taste of that gas, and even the LRAD they pulled out.

  9. A direct assault on superior firepower and tactics is suicide. Insurgent attacks where they sleep, on the softest targets, is how to wage modern warfare. They should remember that while they are at work, the only innocent people they care about are home unprotected… and we already have them surrounded.

  10. Jesus..
    Did you see what I did??
    ah hah hah hah..

    No, did you see what I Did??

    This is a fkng game for those sadistic shits..

  11. They need to stop bcz see another video and the people were not doing anything wrong…maybe it's staged to drive fear into people so they should not protest….🥺🥺😮😮😢

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