Dak Prescott Says “It’s Not The Time To Protest During The National Anthem”

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Author: phillyfinest369


40 thoughts on “Dak Prescott Says “It’s Not The Time To Protest During The National Anthem”

  1. This beige mfer has been trying to play both sides. Get this beige game manager out of my team. Send his ass to the Bills for a 20 piece of Buffalo wings.

  2. “It’s not the place for protesting…” really all players use the NFL to promote their beliefs and themselves. The hypocrisy and “yes master” mentality

  3. Study Politics and Social Engineering and stop regurgitating headlines, you STILL fallen for that Rich White Man Trick.

  4. The powers that be are keeping this going Kap is part of it and so is Dak just like all the rest of them that's pushing this agenda.

  5. And people call Trump racist. Smfh I see nothing but hate for Dak all cause he dont agree with anthem kneeling. Yet when Colin does it he's a hero? For what. Sorry black people but y'all are toxic af.

  6. charlamange is donkey of the century for this. That man has his opinion. you wanna protest do it while your not at work. setup a protest outside of the NFL Ill show up and support count me in, if JJ Watt can raise 37 mil thats 1 guy. if everyone in the NFL got together they could help impoverished communities and raise awareness to the need of an overhaul of our standard operating procedures of our nations police. I agree Rules Of Engagement should not be more strenuous at war than stateside.

  7. Dak, u ain't half black, you half white, if you a brotha, you know the difference, based on your comments it's obvious you are NOT.

  8. He never said anything against the movement. But it is time for a more progressive protest, no one disputes that.

    Sorry tha god but your wrong for him being the donkey the day for this.

  9. Black people complain so much about everything. Let me ask you something. Who controls your areas? Yea the democrats and yet y’all vote for them over and over and then keep complaining nothing chances. Just cuz a men gives his opinion he is a donkey or a Uncle Tom . Smh . Yea the real tea drinkers are y’all drinking the democrat tea

  10. It’s amazing that if someone has their own opinion, and is black, he is disowned by his own people for it. Very sad…..of all the players cared so much for the cause, they would be doing the shit when cameras aren’t around as well. I know some do, but very few….

  11. as a black man and vet. cops be on our azz yes i know. but when it comes to the anthem, to me it's a call to arms against enemies foreign and domestic. and when the call goes out who going to front line to protect moms and kids hundreds of miles to the rear. when you kneel i see you as a dude not going with me.and if i go and I'm blessed to make it back all that fell blood is on your hands. the enemy is empowered when they see you won't stand for the flag. everyone that kneels ain't no soldier.

  12. Why disrespect the flag thoe. Why kill this man for not kneeling when the anthem is playing. He loves his country and hes right for saying that players shouldn't bring that to the game of football. Instead of kneeling why not start street protests or start special programs. Dak never said anything racist nor did he say he a trump supporter. Yall trippin

  13. Jerry Jones took his big belt Buckle off his hip buckle and all, told them beend over, pull you pants down, and spankt asses, now you will stand for the national Anthem U black Bitches,

  14. These players only kneel and protest when they are on the clock, while we are paying them. None of them were concerned or serious enough to protest during the Summer when they were not on OUR clock. They are all phonies. Stand during the anthem or apply for a job at your nearest McDonalds.

  15. Dawg I’m a birds fan but everyone sayin he a sellout why would he jeopardize his money and then he’s not in a position to make a change. Lebron just opened a school for mostly underprivileged black children because he had resources to do so. He’s not selling out he’s buying in. Now if he don’t take action after the fact then yeah there a problem there

  16. Ok so stay in locker room, that will be bigger impact, if u don't see players on field, during pregame, cameramen won't have nothing to film, would look pretty bad

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