Cop Talks to Police Overreach Activist

Recently, a guy named Mike messaged me on my FB page and had a few things to say and assert about myself (Mike the Cop) and cops in general. I invited him to go live with me to discuss these things. Let’s see how it goes!

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30 thoughts on “Cop Talks to Police Overreach Activist

  1. I don’t agree on everything with mike but he approaches this the way I would, I want actual facts and logic, the “overreach activist “ is approaching this by emotion, he came with a predisposed idea and was not going to stray from that and also acting like his feeling about the subject is all you need to sway others. I’m with mike, I don’t care about your feelings and emotions, let’s look at facts.

  2. Mike the hater is slow. Mike the Cop would tell you it’s not that intellectually difficult to keep up with him in a debate. I’m not in love with the federal government providing law enforcement considering I don’t love the federal government, but holy cow this was brutal to listen to. I’d much rather pay someone like Mike to protect my neighborhood man to man without the third party governmental interference. It’s just more pure. That being said leftist authoritarians unfortunately have zero moral consistency because every single position they take is meant to gain power and strip power from their perceived enemies. They are kinda sleazy.

    Edit: well now I feel bad… I didn’t realize he couldn’t read when I typed my comment.

  3. "you are lying about carrying a gun in basketball shorts" bruh people pack compact 380's and 9 mils in their pocket every day no holster just their pock I don't recommend this for safety reasons but people do it

  4. Great job roasting the hater Mike! Need more reasonable, intelligent people like you to shut these haters and idiots down! You stated facts and put real numbers/statistics into perspective. This guy had a fixed mindset like most of these cop haters do. Love the channel!

  5. The argumentative cop hater here made no valid points and just changed the subject every time he was given a fact and asked a question about how he could still support his argument… I had assumed maybe what he meant about “officers treating everyone like the enemy” was about how they have to be ready to defend their lives and that of other officers with the same type of advice we were given in CPL training- It was something along the lines of be courteous and respectful to everyone you meet, but have a plan to kill them if necessary. That is, until he outright stated that is not what he meant, he meant that cops are just looking for a reason to use violence in every situation.

    This guy is part of what’s wrong with this country. So many people that only believe what they want in spite of the facts, and the media, schools and often political representatives perpetuates this thinking without the facts to back them up or often in direct opposition to the facts. At least he came on the show, but he was never going to change his opinions regardless of how many times his opinions were proven false. Keep up the good work Mike!

  6. Ive also have been labeled a cop hater, I want to say that I am not. I started in the real world in the state police academy but never finished. That is a long story. What I do hate is bad cops and ones that are on a power trip. I disagree with you on that, that it is a small %. I think that number is more like 40% Yes I just pulled that number out of my ass. In my honest opinion I believe that those make it harder for the rest of the good cops to do their job. You can't exactly get the power tripping cops fired for power tripping. Anyway I love your channel and that's coming from a dude labeled a cop hater.

  7. I support the police, fundamentally. Most, I’d like to believe, are good people serving their community in good faith. However, you have defaced my nation’s colors. When you draw a blue line across the flag, you create a division between law enforcement and the citizens. As an American, and a veteran, I’m deeply offended. You display the ensign of of sovereignty within the very nation you took an oath to uphold the constitution there in. It is disgraceful.

  8. Like your videos, but the information about the freeway shooter does not seem accurate. The shooter had already been arrested well before the shaver incident, I happened to be out there around the same time. Nobody was killed either.

  9. What I found extremely disturbing was the ridiculously poor math skills displayed by everyone in this video.

  10. Does this guy not understand if someone is pulling away on a traffic stop as cops, it is seen the driver may be running away or harming someone else. So yeah they will get shot if they aren't obeying commands that are lawful. Awesome video Mike this SJW is just a dumb ass.

  11. This just goes to show that SJW's are pompous and want to say what they want think they're impeccably intelligent and get caught up when someone proves the wrong. Love this channel!

  12. Math and genocide

    Recent discoveries in quantum physics have proven the existence of multiple physical states other than this one… for example 2D Space and 3D time…. sleep, hypnosis, death, meditation, etc… are some of the ways to reach them. Math, we learned, is the basis for all sciences so we kicked back the idea to learn math to our own. What we didn’t know is that there would be a microbiological reflux that would protect the longevity of the earth… resulting in genocides etc. There are more microbiologies in our bodies than there are cells that make us human…. a delicate balance… as much as one wrong meal can tip the balance outside of a construct that is beneficial to what humanity is supposed to be… lovers and proponents of this world and everything in it.

  13. I believe that if I don’t allow for individualism in people then I am not performing works that are for the best benefit of what humanity is intended to do…. but following a smaller construct of my personal favor… and that’s unsatisfactory.

  14. Okay… let’s say that I agree with the Perp for example and the use of whatever’ % of force used is excessive…. great…. how to prevent that from happening… what are the contributing factors to the confusion???….. adrenal poisons from animals that we’ve ingested… plant biotoxins in and on our bodies…. chemical distress signals from microbiologies…. HOW DO WE PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN?…. is what the Onion taught me to always ask and it has served me well.

  15. I learned that there are more microbiologies inside of the human body than there are cells that make us human…. these microbiologies match the microbiologies of the earth and are responsible for maintaining its longevity. It’s a very delicate balance and as much as one wrong bite of food can tip this construct outside of the overall benefit and will of humankind.

  16. Firstly, I feel that stating what I want in the positive tense vs. stating what I don’t want in the negative tense is a HUGE difference. If I say “I want to live” vs. (air quotes) I don’t want to die (air quotes). “I want to live” promotes healthy life saving ideas and the other…. does not.

  17. Mike the Cop-Hater needs to learn how to make a point and form a argument because he made no point at all, just backed down from points he put up for arguing in his message to you. He should listen to video back to hear how little sense he made.

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