Burbank Water and Power -POLICE SWARM IN- Officer Markey and Rodriguez

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First amendment audit. Burbank water and power. Officers Markey and Rodriguez

164 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 238-3700


Read about BPD’s past here:


Federal investigations reveal a police department in turmoil

shot 9-16-17

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28 thoughts on “Burbank Water and Power -POLICE SWARM IN- Officer Markey and Rodriguez

  1. When you say the power of Christ compels you a reminded me of an HBO special that I watched back in the mid eighties and was called Nuns boxing, anyways I am giving away all 57 years I've walked this dreaded Earth and the ring referee was dress like a Cardinal any had the shaker with the water any shakes both the boxers and egos the power Christ compels you , now let's box!

  2. Johnny dude I love what you do… I tried watching other audits from other youtubers and I just can’t watch them… my dad is from New York and I love his since of humor… you have the very same humor…I was the only one in my family not born there and I feel left out … but anyway love your channel love what you do.. IF you came to where I live now they would toss you under the jail here for what you do… wish it were different but true…

  3. Also dont come to burbank ca. Cops there by the end of the month. They pool over people for very dumb reasons just to give out tickets. Well they are self fund. Thats explains why.

  4. Burbank police are scumbags. They're criminals themselves. They allowed one of their helicopter pilots to stalk me for years.
    Those videos are in my channel– a few of the literally dozens that I have in a file.
    I called 911 several times and demanded names. They refused to give them to me because they knew that I was going to sue the hell out of them.
    The pigs in the station were always an absolute joke as well. When I gave the complaints to them face-to-face they had a ton of excuses.
    They should all be doing hard time. It was very much a conspiracy. "Why would you go that far?" I was yelling at the top of my lungs at them a couple of nights, which caused people to empty out of their houses and view it for themselves. Yet … hmmmmm, not a single cop car even pulled up near me. As you stated in this video, they arrive INSTANTLY when there is a complaint, yet they were nowhere to be seen when I was yelling at that helicopter. SCUMBAGS. CORRUPT TO THE CORE– Burbank AND LAPD. Human waste.

  5. I liked the guard in the hut he seemed like he really wanted to learn and if he does make it to the force he will always remember this encounter , now as for the cops, white dude just wanted to flex his power other not so bad , but still wrong " THIS DAY AND AGE " !

  6. The cops didn't seem to have a problem and were just responding to a call and you turned it into a bigger deal than it needed to be. The whole "walk of shame" comment seemed unnecessary, save it for the cops that deserve it. You seem to amp things up when you really didn't need to, and enough with the "if I were a person of color" crap. Your white guilt gets annoying…

  7. Pressure your representatives to remove the desecrated American flag with the blue line. That tells us the intent of police is to block and control citizens. Thank you to all VETS that protect the people.

  8. Whenever the cops start with that BS line about possible attacks, my first thought is "Do you want me to call your mommy and have her come down and hold your hand and tell you everything is alright?".

  9. They all use the Terrorist line and the old we got call line. Both are simply used to infringe on your rights. Nothing more.

  10. i love how he doesnt let the officers talk, than says "i thought you wanted to have a conversation"… Brother they arent going to waste time on your pettiness

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