34 thoughts on “LAPD Clears Oakwood Park in Venice of Reported Gang Members

  1. I love to be a police officer at times. Nothing make me happier than to beat the snot out of liberal socialist democrats gangs ANTIFA and BLM.

  2. Venice is a shithole now. Homeless people everywhere. Shooting up needles and insane/5150 people all over the place. The entire boardwalk is lined with tents!

  3. All I see are a bunch of old people not doing anything wrong trying to have a pic mic?
    So whites can enjoy the park but blacks cannot?
    Stop talking bout gangs and the last cuz that is not gang activity.
    Defund these exaggerating bastards

  4. Dayuum, this has to be a first!!! They actually left the park without kicking and screaming making a scene!! Not one word. That's fuckin crazy, I thought for sure they would pull the race card or something lol

  5. Okay don’t come to our area then. This y’all problem nobody asked y’all to come and try to take over what’s ours. Everybody always got somethin to say about Venice.

  6. Why did you label them as gang members? They appeared to have been attending a picnic without violence, noise, and/or any other form of disorderly conduct

  7. Can't help but wonder if they were White what the outcome wud b. My guess, the Police would have never been called 🙄
    FYI I'm white! I c the diff in treatment

  8. Cowards in blue!!! If cops are so afraid, they should not be cops sadly. No one can respect those cops in any way shape or form, they should try to find a job at the local restrooms, they always needs people to clean them. Bonified mall security guards hahahaha We went to disperse a mob of violent people in the local park and even had them clean their mess!!! We are heroes!!! Will we also get a promotion?? An award??? A new badge like in the boy-scouts?? LMAO

  9. Mr Merrick Garland,

    since i'm paying for this park, i would like you sir, to order california's legislators, and city officials to open it up to me 24 hours a day; Clearly? the expense of police [ to deny me ] access to my property is [ imo ] absurd, but ? whatever sir;

    thx hagd;

    Lawrence Wilson Foy dob 2.10.1954 Chateauroux France [ signature valid in any court ] [ signed LWF ] 4.1.2021 in Terlingua Tx;

  10. No balls, treat the police should just go in so very silly how they wait for back up. You treat anyone with respect you get respect back. Take care Top Cat Happy Easter 🐣 mate

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