10 thoughts on “18 Pennsylvania Counties Enter Green Phase Of Reopening Friday

  1. Bunch of ppl that whine when they don't have conveniences. Get over it, only state in the "green" right now, ppl are so quick to say "if you don't like it leave" go to Florida and Texas they "care" extremely about the elderly . As an essential worker. Not for nothing to hear ppls complaints is utter bullshit. Go to your republican states where they dont listen to the people that have spent their entire LIVES learning this shit. This is a huge problem, yet again another wealthy politician w no idea wtf they are doing they basically inherented this country. Hand this over to the educated. And its OK I know I am not. We all have our place!

  2. Open the whole damn state right now, WOLFE You need to start looking for another job. First of all along with everything else you close all the wine and spirit stores., so you send everyone over to Roger Wilco, in NJ, and give that state big pa revenue. That Is dumb , most north east states kept their privately own liquor stores open. You talk about essential places being open, you start opening wine and spirits before hair and nail salons, just dumb, you have 3/4 of the state wide open now a couple of weeks later is not going to make that much of a difference. Do the right thing cut the clowning. and open it up right now ,of course with all precautions in place. One more thing open up the damn casinos man.

  3. He has to show he has power anyway he can. He will keep people wearing masks and staying home for a year if He can. All he cares about is himself. Pennsylvania may never get on open completely. He wants people to stay home yet open the business. How do you stay home and help the economy. What does he think he is doing. Does this guy have a brain. I think wearing a mask should be a personal choice. You have a right not to wear one. This is violating the rights if people. He does think he is a king of Pennsylvania. He is an idiot.

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