31 thoughts on “1 Dead, 11 Injured After Shooting In Minneapolis

  1. cops and racist militants groups are making this Mayhem because they want only Wht nationalist in power. They're even targeting BLK officers! Don't fall for the trick people stay home!

  2. This terribly unfortunate incident reminds us 'how much we need the
    police, how much we depend om them'… very convenient for the police in
    these dark times… I'm really sorry for the innocent victims, this
    should never happen.

  3. "that includes several bars and restaurants"
    And maybe, just maybe, a bunch of "revolutionaries" who claimed that part of the city for themselves and demanded that the cops stayed away?

  4. This is how bad America looks like under Democratic establishment mayors' & governers'. Vote for Biden and his democratic associates if you want this mess in your front yard & want your kids shot & you wives raped.

  5. And remember , DEFUND THE POLICE SMARTIES ! Do not waste valuable detective’s lives and police personal on this , let them serve their own independent justice ! They can do it , they just are playing and enjoying the summer of love their mayor so proudly spoke of .

  6. Probably see more of this as tensions rise and bars fill up. The racist will announce themselves their good at that. Right nows a good time to see and hear people’s opinions because their heated… so show your racist faces so we can expose you and have you replaced 🤬🤯🤢😱☠️🤟🏿✊🏽🖕🏻🖕🏾

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